Chapter 445 - An Illegal Transaction (1)

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Chapter 445: An Illegal Transaction (1)

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The ancient dragon became known throughout the capital institute as a lucky mascot. After lessons each day, a group of students would rush over to it. However, because they were terrified of the ancient dragon, they would drag Ji Fengyan along each time, as it would be slightly more placid when Ji Fengyan was around.

Ji Fengyan was dragged to the ancient dragon’s side every day and she crowded round with the other silly kids to watch. After some time, these silly kids finally realized that the ancient dragon was more interested in their jewelery than in the delicacies they brought.

As a result…

Instead of bringing an endless assortment of delicacies, they brought plenty of gold, silver, and precious stones. Every day, they surrounded the ancient dragon to watch it.

“Hmm, since they have worshiped me with so much dedication, I’ll let them admire my might.” The ancient dragon had just seen off a group of onlookers. Now it spoke proudly as it looked at the small pile of shiny treasures in front of it.

Ji Fengyan stood to one side, with little Bai Ze at her feet.

It had been two months since the battle simulation. Every day, Ji Fengyan would bring Bai Ze along when she went to visit the ancient dragon. Perhaps it was influenced by the dragon’s might, but in these two months, Bai Ze’s bones had suddenly grown and her dainty figure was slowly getting bigger. A pair of thumb-sized horns had grown from the crown of its head and it has lost much of its past immaturity, but had gained a certain grace. The snow-white fur on its body had also become softer and smoother.

Ji Fengyan swept a glance at the youths who were tossing treasures at the ancient dragon and she narrowed her eyes. To be able to study at the capital institute, most of these youths would have come from rich families. Even the gold, silver, and precious stones that they casually gave away contained a considerable amount of spiritual energy.

She looked at the ancient dragon which was preparing to stuff these objects into its mouth, and suddenly asked, “Why don’t we have a discussion?”

The ancient dragon which had grabbed a claw full of treasures and was about to stuff them into its mouth paused. “Discuss what?”

“Just lend me those items…” Before Ji Fengyan could finish speaking, she saw the ancient dragon look at her warily, and then its huge tail swept the pile of treasures under its claws and encircled them.

“…” The corner of Ji Fengyan’s mouth twitched slightly.

“Just lend me those items for a while and I guarantee I will return them to you untouched. I will even add an extra portion of gold. What do you say?” Ji Fengyan suppressed the fact that she was on the verge of a breakdown.

The ancient dragon narrowed its eyes, looked at Ji Fengyan, and struggled for a while before moving its tail aside a little.

“Why do you want these things? You’re not a dragon.”

What a matter-of-fact tone.

“It’s my own eccentric hobby. Can’t I just touch it?” Ji Fengyan kept a straight face while spouting nonsense.

After being in the capital institute for so long, she had no opportunity to absorb spiritual energy. Only on the rare occasions when she descended the mountain to meet little Liu Huo, could she go to the little town at the foot of the mountain and acquire some spiritual energy to absorb?

The ancient dragon’s eyes suddenly brightened at Ji Fengyan’s words. “You also like these?”

Ji Fengyan silently nodded.

“All right, all right. Since you have worshiped me for so long, I can lend them to you to look at. But you must give me so much gold before I will lend them to you.” As it spoke, the ancient dragon used its claw to draw a circle on the ground.

Ji Fengyan raised both the corners of her mouth and her eyebrows, but she still nodded in agreement.

Just as Ji Fengyan was engaged in an “illegal transaction” with the ancient dragon, three figures suddenly popped their heads out of the door of the rearing place.

“Fengyan, you’re really here.”

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