Chapter 446 - An Illegal Transaction (2)

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Chapter 446: An Illegal Transaction (2)

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When Ji Fengyan turned to look, she saw Liu Kai and the other two youths.

“Are you back?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly.

Liu Kai and the others immediately came in. When they saw the ancient dragon, they did not neglect to bow to it respectfully before surrounding Ji Fengyan. “Yes, we are. We’ve been tormented almost to death for the past few months. We finally got the news today that we were permitted to resume our schooling.”

As Liu Kai spoke, he stretched his arms.

“We can resume lessons tomorrow. Soon after we returned, we heard that you were in the rearing area. What a clever little girl you are. We heard that even that seniors obey you completely.”

Ji Fengyan remained silent.

Those people only wanted to see the dragon.

Ji Fengyan observed that the complexion of Liu Kai and the others had improved greatly. They finally had some color in their faces, and although they were still a little pale, it did not look like anything major.

“I wanted to visit you earlier, but the institute director did not grant me permission, so I couldn’t go.” Ji Fengyan said.

Liu Kai and the others sniggered.

“Even if you had gone, it would have been futile. We ourselves are not sure how we spent the past two months. We were drowsy all the time and only completely woke up two days ago.”

Forced activation of the World-Termination-Armour had greatly depleted their strength. If not for the capital institute’s perfect treatment plans, they would probably have been partially paralyzed.

Ji Fengyan spoke to them for sometime, then Liu Kai and the others demanded that Ji Fengyan go with them to look for food. They said their stomachs had felt hollow for the past two months, and they were ravenous. When Liu Kai and the others were not looking, Ji Fengyan took the opportunity to sweep the pile of treasures in front of the ancient dragon into her Space Soul Jade. This completely stunned the ancient dragon.

The four of them, with Bai Ze, went to the institute’s canteen to look for food. It was past the mealtime and there were few students in the canteen. The few that happened to be there were basically new students like Liu Kai and the others who had just been released from the medical center. When they saw Ji Fengyan, they flocked around her to greet her and thank her for saving their lives.

When Zhou Bugui stepped into the canteen, the scene he saw from afar was that of Ji Fengyan being surrounded by a crowd. He subconsciously stiffened and his left hand rubbed his left knee. A malicious look gleamed in his eyes.

Ji Fengyan sensed an unfriendly gaze from behind her. She turned her head and immediately met Zhou Bugui’s eyes.

In the instant that his eyes met Ji Fengyan, Zhou Bugui lowered his head and hobbled over to a corner with his food to sit by himself.

“Hasn’t Zhou Bugui recovered fully?” Ji Fengyan was somewhat shocked by Zhou Bugui’s obviously crippled left leg.

A new student glanced at Zhou Bugui, then laughed coldly and said, “This is retribution.”

Ji Fengyan was perplexed.

Another youth continued, “When we decided to return to look for you, that Zhou Bugui was afraid to risk his neck and fled by himself. But on the way, he was attacked by demons and his left kneecap was crushed. When he was sent to the medical center, the tutors exerted a huge amount of effort but were unable to heal his kneecap. I heard that his leg would never recover. He has been acting oddly for the past few days. I guess his mind has become unhinged again.”

When he had finished speaking, the other youths did not show any signs of sympathy.

Ultimately, Zhou Bugui deserved everything that had happened to him.

Ji Fengyan glanced at Zhou Bugui. She had a feeling that the Zhou Bugui she was seeing now had become completely odd. It was just that he was too far away, and she could not see him clearly.

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