Chapter 447 - A Sudden Death (1)

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Chapter 447: A Sudden Death (1)

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After returning to her dormitory, Ji Fengyan immediately poured out all the treasures that she had obtained from the ancient dragon and started to cultivate using them.

During the middle of the night, a strange dark figure silently swept across the institution.

Ji Fengyan had only started her cultivation when there was suddenly a commotion heard from outside. She opened her eyes as there was a sudden knock on her room door.

She stood up to open the door to see Liu Ruse standing outside the door with an extremely unpleasant look.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Fengyan asked, confused.

Liu Ruse looked at her with a grim look, saying, “something has happened.”

Something had happened at the gold cultivation school’s gold cultivation room. Even though there were only a few gold cultivators in the capital institute, the institution was the next best equipped compared to the school of terminators. Every student had their own gold cultivation room to provide them a conducive place to focus on cultivating their own product.

They did not have time restrictions on the room’s usage, so there were often students still working on their gold cultivation rooms in the middle of the night.

With the lead of Liu Ruse, Ji Fengyan reached the school of gold cultivators. Currently, the school of gold cultivators was packed with students who had heard about the news. Once Ji Fengyan entered, she could already smell a strong blood stench.

Among all the gold cultivation rooms, there was only one with its door wide open and the strong blood stench had come from inside.

Within the room, equipment for gold cultivation could be seen scattered everywhere on the ground. What was even more shocking was the big patches of blood that took everyone by surprise.

There was a corpse lying in a puddle of blood. It only had bones left as the flesh was completely gnawed off, only some leftover bits of flesh remained stuck to the pale white bones. The bones lay in a distorted position on the ground. The organs, skin and eyeballs were gone and even the skull was ripped open as the brain was missing.

The scene made all the students stunned as they all stood silently and motionlessly among the strong blood stench.

Ji Fengyan watched in shock at this bloody scene. She could faintly still see the shape of the teeth of the bite marks that was left on the white bones.

The mentors from the school of gold cultivators rushed over quickly. Upon seeing this, their faces instantly turned sheet white.

The first one to discover this was a young man from the school of gold cultivators. By now, he was already scared out of his wits as he sat weakly on the ground and continued to tremble uncontrollably.

“What had exactly happened?” the mentor asked with a serious face.

Upon seeing his familiar mentor, that student moaned, “I don’t know… I really don’t know… Ah He said that he was going to stay overnight in the gold cultivation room tonight and asked me to deliver food to him at night. I… once I came… I just saw these…”

The student’s voice was tremulous.

There was no clue at all.

The mentors started to investigate in the gold cultivation room grimly, but there was no sign of forced entry from the doors and windows. The door was also opened from the inside. There was only the victim in the gold cultivation room, other than the mess on the gold cultivation table, there was no indication of any fight.

Ji Fengyan squinted her eyes as she looked everywhere. She could faintly feel a black aura of energy surrounding the victim’s bones. The black aura floated above the victim’s bones and then gradually disappeared after the mentors’ entry.

“It’s the demons,” a cold and calm voice suddenly rang from behind Ji Fengyan.

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