Chapter 45 - Five Spirits Transporting Wealth

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Chapter 45: Five Spirits Transporting Wealth

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Ji Fengyan smiled as she looked at the store owner kneeling before her. His expression looked so innocent and kind.

“You have something to say?” Ji Fengyan asked.

The store owner could say nothing, and his body could not move. Only his pair of eyes could blink. After hearing Ji Fengyan’s question, he immediately blinked his eyes furiously.

“It’s too bad that I don’t wish to listen.” Ji Fengyan’s mouth slowly tilted upwards. She stood up, directly crossed over the store owner and walked towards that piece of dream stone that had completely been opened. This piece of dream stone had such a huge size that a thick and rich spiritual energy surrounded it. Just by being slightly close to it, it had already made the inner core within Ji Fengyan’s body pump excitedly.

She reached out her hand and touched the smooth surface of the dream stone, before placing five pieces of paper, shaped like a person, she had prepared beforehand on the dream stone. Those paper-men suddenly stood up—as if they had gained a life—and surrounded the dream stone. Incredulously, the five thin pieces of paper-men had lifted the dream stone weighing as much as 500 kilograms!

Five Spirits Transporting Wealth—This was one of the many spells that Ji Fengyan had learnt. Just by a simple modification, not just the dream stone of a weight of 500 kilograms, even if it was 10 times heavier, it would still be easy to transport using these five paper man.

The store owner who was kneeling at the side watched as these abnormal events unfold and he was so stunned that his eyeballs almost fell out of their eye sockets!

As if she had felt his gaze, Ji Fengyan slowly turned her head and shot him an eerie grin. Then she waved one hand in the air and a mist suddenly covered the dream stone. Following that, the entire piece of dream stone, along with the five paper-men had disappeared without a trace in front of the store owner’s eyes.

The store owner had already been trembling out of fear. If not because he could not control his body, his legs would have already been wobbly and fallen to the ground.

What kind of monster was this brat exactly!

“Now, the item has already been returned to its rightful owner, but… for people who dare to eye my things, they cannot avoid a little punishment,” Ji Fengyan casually walked in front of the store owner. The fleshy face on the store owner had completely lost all its colour and cold sweat kept on dripping down his cheeks as his pair of eyes were filled with trepidation and anxiety.

Ji Fengyan patted his chubby face and said, smiling, “This brain cannot tell right from wrong. Don’t you think there is no point in keeping it?”

The store owner shivered so hard that he almost fainted, yet he could not do anything.

Now he finally realised what had actually resulted in Su Lingsheng suddenly kneeling!

It’s a pity that there was no cure for regrets in this world.

Ji Fengyan’s hand landed on top of the store owner’s head and a string of curses that were difficult to understand came out of her mouth. The store owner’s entire body shook and all that he felt was hot air emitting from the top of his head and a discomfort from all over his body.

But after Ji Fengyan retracted her hand, there was nothing inside. She only smiled at the store owner and with big strides, she pushed the door and walked out. What was strange was that in the yard outside the door, the people who were busy seemed to not have noticed any abnormalities here, and all of them continued with the tasks at hand and did not even lift their eyes to look at the store owner.

The store owner could only stare with his eyes wide open as the room door before him slowly closed. After that, there was only an extreme fear!


The door was completely closed.

Ji Fengyan, with the dream stone behind her, walked out of the store’s backyard as if no one was around. It was just like how she came; no one had noticed her.

Everything was as if nothing had happened…

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