Chapter 46 - This Is Not Scientific

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Chapter 46: This Is Not Scientific

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Carrying the gigantic dream stone, Ji Fengyan swaggered through the streets of Ji City, yet no one noticed. Only after she returned to her residence did she remove the camouflage spell and dismiss the five spirits to place the stone down in her own room.

When Linghe walked past Ji Fengyan’s room door, he was only casually scanning the room, but after walking two steps past the room, he immediately retraced his steps. He looked dumbfounded at the gigantic dream stone that had suddenly appeared in Ji Fengyan’s room and was completely stunned.

“Miss, this… where did this dream stone come from?” Linghe’s voice sounded tremulous.

“I won it from a bet.” Ji Fengyan patted the dream stone and smiled.

Linghe gulped, and his face was in disbelief.

Ji City’s tradition of stone betting was something he had heard of; Unfortunately, he was strapped with cash, so he did not dare to participate. How could he have imagined that when Ji Fengyan said that she would retrieve something, it was actually such a huge piece of dream stone she was retrieving!

“What about it? Is anything wrong?” Ji Fengyan looked at Linghe’s confused face and said.

Linghe immediately shook his head like a drum-shaped rattle.

Not only was his Miss secretly powerful, even her luck in stone betting was this good!

He suddenly felt like pouncing forward to cozy up to her!

“Right,” as if she suddenly thought of something, Ji Fengyan turned around and grabbed a bunch of things from the room’s table, then walked in front of Linghe and stuffed the things in her hand into his hand.

“Brother Ling, I still have a piece of dream stone and two other things, have a look and tell me if there is any difference between this piece of dream stone and the piece in my room,” Ji Fengyan asked, as she had a conjecture. After absorbing the spiritual energy from the ore, she was uncertain whether it would affect these ores, if there wasn’t… then wouldn’t she have profited a lot?

Linghe flabbergastedly looked at the three pieces of stone in his hands and his heart shook. A piece of dream stone, a piece of moonlight stone and a superior quality jade pendant—no matter which one, they all had an extremely high value!

Linghe snapped out of his daze after a while, and scrutinised that piece of thin dream stone in his hands for quite a while, before saying, “Even though I am not very knowledgeable about ores, but I have seen this type of dream stone before, and this piece of dream stone is indeed still slightly different from the piece in Miss’s room.”

Linghe did not finish his words, but the smile on Ji Fengyan’s face had already turned to a gloomy state.

It looked like she dreamed too much.

She was still thinking she could absorb the ores’ spiritual energy, then sell away the ores that no longer had spiritual energy, now it seems like… she thought too much of it!

Linghe completely did not understand why his Miss’s expression was so depressed, as if she had lost her money, when he had only said half of his words. But he continued to say truthfully, “Even though this piece of dream stone is small, but it has a purer quality than the piece in Miss’s room. It is considered supreme-grade among all the dream stones, and it is difficult to find, so even such a small piece is already difficult to come by.”

After Linghe finished his last word, Ji Fengyan was already stunned.

The smaller one is still better than the bigger one?

Who was joking?

These two pieces of dream stone were originally the same piece, and there was completely no difference. The only difference was that the piece in Linghe’s hand was used by Ji Fengyan for cultivation and had lost all its spiritual energy, but… why is it that the piece without the spiritual energy has a better quality?

“Uh… Miss, do you have something else? The medicinal herbs you have pre-ordered have just arrived, if there is nothing else, I have to go make arrangements for it…” Linghe was jittery from Ji Fengyan’s sudden changes in expression and opened his mouth to speak cautiously.

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