Chapter 478 - A Hopeless Situation (1)

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Chapter 478: A Hopeless Situation (1)

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The few youths who had drawn away the demons were now exhausted. They had not managed to run far before the demons dragged them down. Under their fangs and sharp claws, the youths were transformed into puddles of blood. Not even a bone remained.

After the demons had divided up the youths to eat, they noticed unusual activity in the medicinal garden. They suddenly turned their heads and saw tens of human youths desperately digging up medicinal herbs.

In an instant…

The demons became infuriated. They roared and turned back towards the medicinal garden.

The ferocious roars reverberated in everyone’s ears. Big tears unconsciously rolled from the youths’ eyes and the hot tears dripped on the medicinal herbs that they had dug up. They squatted on the ground, looking at the demons that sprinted towards them. All they wanted to do was dig up more medicinal herbs.

Just one more herb, could save the life of another wounded person.

Just one more herb, could allow their fellow students to kill another demon…

Tears and terror intertwined in the hearts of these immature youths.


Just as the demons were about to rush into the medicinal garden, a flash of cold light forcefully blocked the demons’ way.

Ji Fengyan’s figure suddenly appeared in front of the desperate youths. The blood-saturated atmosphere assaulted her nose.

Ji Fengyan stood in front of all the pharmacy students, facing ten or more savage demons.

She turned her head slightly and her gaze swept over those pathetic figures. She simply said one word:


As if they were awakening from a dream, the youths wrapped the muddy medicinal herbs in their clothes and fled.

The demons tried to pursue them, but the evil-crushing sword in Ji Fengyan’s hand cut off a pursuer’s head with one stroke.

The demon’s blood excited the other demons. They saw Ji Fengyan standing alone before them, but their basic instincts told them that the human girl in front of them was more dangerous than any other human they had ever encountered.



The demons roared excitedly. They only wished to tear apart the human in front of them.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. Throughout this long battle, she had used her flying sword to sprint throughout the institute, providing support for every fight. The vital energy in her inner core was being continually depleted. Although she had swallowed over ten elixirs, it did not stem the ebb of her strength.

When she saw the ferocious demons before her, there was only one word left in Ji Fengyan’s heart… kill!

In an instant, Ji Fengyan transformed into a gleam of light. Rushing into the midst of the demons with the evil-crushing sword in her hand, she turned into the reaper’s scythe. With a deadly blow, she reaped the lives of the demons.

Such tragic battles were happening throughout the capital institute.

The demons who had entered the institute carried out a massacre. The embattled young heroes fell noiselessly, and even their bodies could not be recovered.

As the number of demons lessened, a glow of hope rose in everyone’s hearts for the first time.



Just as their hopes rose, eighteen spheres of lightning exploded. Countless tutors and students who had used their blood and lives to block the breaches were completely vaporized. This time, the demons were smarter and the eighteen Giant Lightning Beasts concentrated their power at one point, forcefully shattering the main gate of the capital institute.

It was impossible to block such a large breach.

Like migrating locusts, countless demons poured into the institute…

In an instant, despair engulfed every soul.

The main gate had been breached and now the large, high-level demons were free of restraint, and could charge straight in.

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