Chapter 479 - A Hopeless Situation (2)

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Chapter 479: A Hopeless Situation (2)

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The massacre had begun.

The students were all totally exhausted. The herbs which the sorcerers had fought so hard to bring back were just a light balm to the fatigued bodies.

Meanwhile, the demon’s main force was just entering the institute grounds.

A few dozen high-level demons led hundreds others into the battlefield. Their ferocity and power depleted even the energies of Qin Muyao.

Terminators remained the chief resistance against the main force of the demons. But even the Terminators were feeling drained by this endless siege. They could no longer maintain their protective shields and this final defense had already been shattered.

Under the attack of countless flying demons, a huge portion of the ancient dragon’s scales had also been torn off, leaving streaks of bloody scars all over its body. It was also obvious that the dragon’s flying speed had slowed down.

Too many…

Just too many…

The demon army was like an inextinguishable swarm of parasites.

Bigger, stronger…

All the mounts had already been bitten to death by the demons. Their large bodies becoming a source of food for the monsters. The Terminators watched their own mounts being devoured—the hatred in their hearts rising to a peak.


They were helpless against the throngs of demons and could barely survive themselves, relying purely on the World-Termination-Armour to sustain that last bit of hope.

Qin Muyao’s bloodied form stood upon the parade grounds. Beside him were a few seniors from the school of terminators. All of them were in dire straits, their bodies racked with injuries. Liu Ruse stood peeking out from behind Qin Muyao, her little face completely white.

Two high-level demons leading a huge army had surrounded them. There was no way to escape.

“Are we really going to die here?” A youth wailed out.

He didn’t want to die, at least not like this…

The institute director and others had already tried many methods to relay news of the attack and request aid to the nearest city. However… the demons had commandeered the sky. None of the airborne mounts and messenger pigeons could make it out alive. Several tutors and students had tried using a special spirit tool to communicate with their families. But the electricity emanating from the giant lightning beasts had interfered with all such forms of transmissions…

The capital institute was situated in a remote location with only a small town at the foot of the hill. And that town had long been ravaged by the demons.

At this moment, the capital institute was like a lonely island in the vast’s midst of the ocean, completely cut off from the rest of the world.

Even if the nearest city suspected something now, it would take one to two days for backup to arrive.

And now… how could they withstand another one to two days like this?

Ji Fengyan killed a few dozen demons before rushing over to the parade grounds. Soaked in blood, she stepped on her flying sword. Demons had left bloody scars on her arms and back. Fresh blood streamed continuously as her breathing became extremely labored.

Everywhere around the capital institute had been overtaken by the demons. They had even stormed the school of gold cultivators over. The students fled in all directions, bitterly clinging onto their last ounce of combat power to fight those demons to death.

There was already no other way…

As Ji Fengyan eyed the increasing number of high-level demons, she felt completely helpless for the first time.

At this moment, how she wished her inner core was not damaged. If so… she could have turned around this hopeless situation.

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