Chapter 480 - A Hopeless Situation (3)

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Chapter 480: A Hopeless Situation (3)

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“Master… what should I do…” Ji Fengyan gripped her evil-vanquishing sword tightly, her master’s face surfacing in her mind’s eye.

She had worked so hard at her immortal cultivation all in the hopes of attaining immortality so that she could retrieve her master’s soul…

If her master had not suffered a sneak attack by the demons during the tribulation, he would not have faced the heavenly lightning strikes with an injured body, resulting in the evil taking over his physical self and leaving his soul completely shattered.

Ji Fengyan had strove at her immortal cultivation with the sole goal of retrieving her master’s broken soul.

Even in this other world, she could feel the pieces of her master’s soul during her meditations.

This current state of affairs… made the accomplishment of her goal extremely difficult.

Ji Fengyan drew a deep breath and shut her eyes. Her mind raced to find a solution to this situation.

[Foolish disciple, have you forgotten that ever since ancient times, evil has never prevailed over good?]

A faraway voice suddenly sounded in Ji Fengyan’s head. She opened her eyes, which were burning with a bright light.


With that, Ji Fengyan’s gaze took on a steely determination. She raised her evil-vanquishing sword and drew an illusion talisman in the air.

“With my blood, I seek protection from the heavens to overcome evil and kill all demons. Holy Cascade spell! Activate!”

A golden beam burst out from Ji Fengyan’s eyes!

The beam shone upon the illusion talisman which exploded upon Ji Fengyan’s “activate” command. From that, a shower of golden light rays spread out across the sky!

In the blink of an eye, the golden rays enveloped the air above the capital institute. A holy aura emanated constantly from the light and spread to all corners.

Already planning their final stand, Qin Muyao and the rest suddenly felt shafts of holy light descending from the sky—it entered their bodies and filled their veins with a warmth.

On the other hand, the demons shrieked in pain and collapsed writhing on the ground when the golden rays landed upon them.

This miraculous sight stunned everyone. They instinctively looked up at Ji Fengyan flying in mid-air; she was engulfed in a golden glow.

“I can only stop the demons’ attack for the time being. Go find someplace to rest now,” said Ji Fengyan with a grave voice and pale face.

Despite the many questions in their minds, Qin Muyao and the others had to immediately escape from the imminent danger and find a temporary safehaven to recuperate.

The golden light shone upon the entire capital institute, causing all the demons to a halt in their attack. Students who were just about to be killed by the demons suddenly saw the monsters stop and fall to the ground in agony. Wasting no time in rejoicing, they quickly fled from their precarious situation.

The demons’ attack had come to a temporary standstill. Ji Fengyan’s last sliver of vital energy in her inner core was also being rapidly burnt off.

The Holy Cascade spell was Ji Fengyan’s ultimate killing move. It was a powerful suppressant on all sorts of demons and monsters, but it also required a tremendous amount of energy. As a result, it was extremely risky for Ji Fengyan to use this move in her current weak state.

After the last of her vital energy was used up, Ji Fengyan was unable to continue flying on her sword. She dropped straight toward the ground!

The surrounding people watched as Ji Fengyan suddenly plunged from high in the air and landed right in the groove in the middle of the parade grounds!

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