Chapter 482 - Underground Palace (1)

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Chapter 482: Underground Palace (1)

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Ji Fengyan woke up the darkness, feeling as if her entire body had split apart. She sat up with much effort, pressing down her palms on the broken rocks and loose dirt beneath her. She opened her eyes but only saw blackness.

“This time… I am really doomed…” Ji Fengyan bitterly smiled as she shook her head. She had not been in such a sorry state for a long, long time. She vaguely remembered having spent all her vital energy right before fainting and plunging down from the sky.

Ji Fengyan retrieved a fire torch from her Space Soul Jade and illuminated her surroundings. She looked up at the opening from which she had fallen through, only to find it already blocked up by hunks of exploded rock. She looked around her and discovered that this was not your usual underground area, but was more like a…

A palace!

The four walls were made from a special white-colored stone. Ji Fengyan had seen this type of stone before in Ji City, where it was mined. Even there, it was extremely rare. And this entire underground palace was made from this material. Complicated diagrams were carved on the walls, all incomprehensible to Ji Fengyan.

What was this place?

Ji Fengyan never expected such an underground palace to be hidden beneath the capital institute. Since the way in had been sealed, and Ji Fengyan had no vital energy left to break through it, she could only bring along her fire torch to explore the walkways in the palace.

The further she went, the hotter the temperature. Even without taking a breath, her lungs felt like it was burning up inside.

Vibrations shook the ceiling of the underground palace. It could be easily deduced just how intense the ongoing battle above was. Ji Fengyan knew the Holy Cascade spell would have dissipated the moment her vital energy was depleted. However, that was already her last resort.

After walking in the underground palace for some time, the darkness before her was gradually replaced by spots of red light. Red stones dotted the two sides of the palace walkway. These stones emitted a crimson glow which dispelled some blackness.

The underground palace was built exquisitely, but somehow, those carvings did not hold the tiniest bit of spiritual energy.

All hopes of recovering her vital energy here were dashed.

“I wonder… how is Liu Huo…” Ji Fengyan couldn’t help but worry about him. Liu Huo had been staying temporarily at the little town at the bottom of the mountain. The demon attack had surely annihilated that entire town.

At this moment, Ji Fengyan was very glad that Liu Huo was a member of the blood clan. Even if he couldn’t defend against the demons’ attack, he could morph into a bat and escape together with little bat. There shouldn’t be any problems and he should be safe.

As she thought about Liu Huo, Ji Fengyan felt as if the heat was not so unbearable after all. Unwittingly, she had walked before a massive stone door.

Two huge, holy forms were carved onto the door. The two male figures were donned in armour and holding sharp swords. A pair of wings sprouted behind each of their backs. They looked very much like the “angels” that Ji Fengyan had heard described in legends.

The road before her was blocked off by that stone door. Ji Fengyan tried to open it to see if there was a way out.

Just as she pushed open the door, a gust of hot air gushed out of the opening. A gigantic body suddenly filled Ji Fengyan’s entire line of sight!

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