Chapter 483 - Underground Palace (2)

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Chapter 483: Underground Palace (2)

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There laid a gigantic red demon fox with a long red tail curled all around the massive palace hall. Its black eyes with golden pupils stared with an extreme cunning and its bared fangs looked as if it could rip everything to shreds!

Ji Fengyan had never such a massive demon fox. A strong gust of demon aura wafted toward her. Compared to this demon fox, the giant lightning beasts outside seemed puny.

“What… what the hell is this…” Ji Fengyan widened her eyes in astonishment. The demon fox sensed Ji Fengyan’s approach and suddenly pounced toward her!

Ji Fengyan had never felt as close to death as she had now. The powerful gust of air paralyzed her entire body and completely immobilized her!

Damn it!

With her imminent death clouding her mind, Ji Fengyan watched the lunging demon fox in alarm!


Just as the demon fox sprang toward her, the red figure passed straight through her body.

Ji Fengyan watched the red glow surround her and reached out in reflex. The red cloud dissipated with a wave of her hand.

That massive fox suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“An illusion?” Ji Fengyan stared in wonderment at the disappearing vision. Her back was slick with cold sweat.

After the dissipation of the demon fox vision, everything beyond the doors were revealed before Ji Fengyan.

It was a huge, oval-shaped palace hall. Right in the middle was an exquisite stone platform. The strangest thing was that… despite the disappearance of the demon fox vision, the strong demon aura remained.

And the source of that powerful demon aura was on that stone platform!

Ji Fengyan inhaled and calmed her nerves before stepping further into the palace hall.

A strange-looking script was carved upon the floor of the oval-shaped hall. The script formed countless of circles surrounding the stone platform.

Ji Fengyan discovered something as she stepped to the side of the platform.

The large stone platform held a thumb-sized bone bound by silver chains. 81 chain links intertwined on the platform and were fastened to the stone pillars, all to secure that piece of bone.

It was that very piece of bone that emitted thick demon aura.

“This is… a demon’s bone?” Ji Fengyan stared in astonishment at that tiny bone. She could hardly believe that this small piece of bone could radiate such a dense and high-level demon aura?

She couldn’t imagine what a terrifying demon this bone must belong to!

The red cloud swirled around the demon bone and silver chains streamed down, spreading across the entire stone platform.

Ji Fengyan stared at that piece of bone, her thoughts running wild.

The demons had been mobilized in a major way this time; far more than anyone could ever expect. This massive demon army was a rare sight even in a real battlefield. Why had the demons mustered such a huge army to attack the capital institute?

This was something Ji Fengyan had earlier failed to comprehend.

Even if the demons wanted to kill off all the Terminators in the capital institute, they didn’t need to deploy so many high-level demons.

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