Chapter 484 - Underground Palace (3)

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Chapter 484: Underground Palace (3)

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Unless there was something within the capital institute that they wanted to get at all costs.

Ji Fengyan understood everything at that instant!

Looking at that demon bone emitting that strong demon aura on that stone platform, it was apparent this was the reason behind the rallying of the huge demon army!

“Really… it would have been a death without peace.” Ji Fengyan rubbed her swollen brows as she stared at the demon bone.

Those dense silver chains looked like they were straining to contain the demon aura from that bone. It appeared that a large portion of the chains had already lost their effect after years of usage and taint by the demon aura. Damage to the seal allowed some aura to leak out which attracted the invasion by the demon army.

It seemed that the only way to stop the demon attack was to eradicate this demon bone!

Ji Fengyan took a deep breath.

She had already depleted her vital energy and it was impossible for her to destroy that bone. But…

She didn’t need vital energy to draw up some talismans!

Ji Fengyan immediately retrieved some cinnabar from her Space Soul Jade and dripped a few drops of her blood into it. After mixing everything together, she used her little finger to dab some cinnabar directly onto that demon bone…


Just as Ji Fengyan contacted that bone, a powerful demon aura spread from her little finger to her entire body. Alarmed, Ji Fengyan tried to pull back her hand but couldn’t.

Breaking sounds resonated as the surging demon aura shattered the silver chains.

Ji Fengyan sensed that something was not right but just as she was about to react, all the demon aura from that piece of bone rushed into her body!

That entire piece of demon bone also disappeared at that moment.

An intense pain spread across Ji Fengyan’s body as torrents of hot waves whirled about in her head!

Demon aura entering the human body?

Ji Fengyan gritted her teeth as she strove to defend against the demon aura’s invasion.


A cooling sensation rose from Ji Fengyan’s dantian. The coolness seeped through her veins and swallowed the heat generated by the demon aura.

Before Ji Fengyan could recover her senses, the burning sensation in her body was extinguished. Meanwhile, the coolness that had arisen from her dantian had turned slightly warm and was flowing towards her inner core…

Ji Fengyan was amazed by the miraculous changes in her body. That warmth, tinged with demon aura, was infused bit by bit into her dried-up inner core. Ji Fengyan’s completely depleted, empty core was gradually being filled by that flowing warmth!

Her depleted vital energy was increasing at an accelerated rate!

“What… what is happening?” Ji Fengyan was stunned. She could clearly feel her inner core rapidly recovering, while her vital energy reserves was also growing substantially.

Only after all the warmth was completely absorbed by her inner core did Ji Fengyan suddenly realize.

Her inner core had actually… been repaired by more than half. Only two faint, tiny cracks were left.

“My inner core absorbed the demon bone…?” Ji Fengyan widened her eyes in disbelief. She had spent half a year laboring to repair her inner core, and the results of her hard efforts lagged so far behind that of a piece of demon bone?

Or could it be that…

The demon aura in this world could actually be absorbed and cultivated into vital energy?

Ji Fengyan was completely thunderstruck by this shocking deduction.

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