Chapter 487 - Where Can We Find Hope (3)

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Chapter 487: Where Can We Find Hope (3)

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Knowing that only death laid before them, the crowd actually calmed down. They waited for the moment they would cross the river to hell.

The swordsmen polished their heavy swords while the sorcerers leaned against the wall to recuperate as much sorcery powers as they could.

Junze sat beside Liu Kai and his two friends, a grim expression on his handsome face. He had worked so hard to drag these three guys from the chaos of battle, but now…

He gazed at the wavering Shield of Light. Under the continuous demon attack, the crystals were being dissipated into wisps of white smoke.

The sounds of the attack and the bestial howls pounded the ears and hearts of the youths.

But there was no way… To change their fate.

An ear-splitting sound resonated throughout the crowd. At that instant, all the students in the martial arts arena stood up simultaneously!

“Are you all ready?” Qin Muyao wielded his long sword with a single hand and stood before the gathering.

Everyone nodded and tightened their grip on their weapons.

Qin Muyao stood shoulder to shoulder with Liu Ruse. Turning around, he looked at the Shield of Light which was growing weaker by the minute, as well as at the clamoring demons outside.

Taking a deep breath…


Just as everyone prepared to perish with the demons, bolts of lightning descended from the sky!

An infinite number of lightning strikes fell like rain upon the demon army. Within seconds, countless of demons were burnt to ashes by the lightning!

Already at the end of their ropes, everyone was shocked by this sudden phenomenon.

This lightning… was so familiar!

Almost simultaneously, the group looked up at the skylight in the martial arts arena. A figure was flying on a sword amongst the clouds!

“Ji Fengyan?!” Qin Muyao widened his eyes in disbelief.

He had seen Ji Fengyan plunge into the middle of the demon army with his very own eyes. He had thought she was dead for sure. Who could have known… she was still alive!!

Ji Fengyan rode upon her heavy sword under the thunderous clouds. She cast scores of Five-Blow-Thunderstruck talismans, igniting them with her evil-vanquishing sword. A massive thunder cloud grew increasingly bigger with the burning of each talisman. In the blink of an eye, it had engulfed the entire capital institute!

“Demons, I am back!” Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes as she used her evil-vanquishing sword to direct showers of lightning strikes upon the ground!

Having absorbed the demon aura from the demon bone, Ji Fengyan’s inner core now held an unbelievable amount of vital energy. Even after casting a few dozens Five-Blow-Thunderstruck talismans, her inner core still bubbled with vital energy!

“Fengyan…” Junze gazed in wonder at Ji Fengyan’s profile. An unlimited number of lightning bolts descended on the demon army, taking away countless of demon lives in seconds.

This turnaround of a previously hopeless situation was beyond what anyone could ever expect.

Ji Fengyan looked at the Shield of Light around the martial arts arena and reopened the wound on her wrist. Blood gushed out and drizzled upon the weakening shield.

It instantly started burning brightly again!

The crowd stared incredulously at the entire scene. From afar, they saw Ji Fengyan mouthing instructions to them.

[Stay inside, don’t come out.]

Seeing the Shield of Light regain its powerful defense put Ji Fengyan’s mind at ease. She didn’t even need to eat an elixir but just used her vital energy to seal the wound on her wrist.

After ensuring the others would not be struck by the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck, Ji Fengyan drew an arc of light amongst the clouds with her evil-vanquishing sword. She directed the tip of her sword downward. The interminable lightning strikes increased two-fold and rained down upon the demon army!

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