Chapter 488 - Counterattack (1)

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Chapter 488: Counterattack (1)

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The large-scale use of the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck to sweep the battlefield forced the lower-level demons into a position whether they could not counterattack. In a moment, it reduced them to slag. Only demons of medium-level and above could resist a little.

The lightning smashed the demons with a crackling sound. Even if they managed to survive, they could not withstand the lightning strikes. A roaring sound arose from the demon army, mingled with the sound of thunder.

The students in the martial arts arena watched the lightning fall from the sky and utterly defeat the demons. They finally let out the breath that they had been holding for a long time.

“Strike them dead!”

“Strike! Strike harder!”

“Kill them, Ji Fengyan!”

The youths knew that even if they went out, they would be nothing but a burden. They clenched their fists and stared at the battlefield. As they saw the demons, who had torn their friends into pieces, being struck into black ash, they shouted themselves hoarse, their hot blood almost bursting from their chests!

The demons had been struck by lightning until they had nowhere to flee. They very quickly noticed Ji Fengyan who was in the air. The Giant Lightning Beasts slowly advanced with opened mouths. Eighteen huge mouths aimed for the airborne Ji Fengyan.


Gigantic spheres of lightning flew towards Ji Fengyan. Ji Fengyan’s petite figure moved like a spirit. She stepped on the flying sword, dodging them with ease while in midair. The spheres of lightning that flew towards her did not even touch the corner of her robe.

“Want to hit me? Go cultivate for a few more centuries!” Ji Fengyan released another Five-Blow-Thunderstruck.

In the capital institute, the ancient dragon who was covered with demon bites, saw the lightning fall. Before it could figure out what was going on, it suddenly struck the demons by its side dead by lightning. The dragon’s scales had powerful defenses against lightning, and lightning that fell on it felt like warm rain.

The ancient dragon sensed a familiar scent amidst the lightning. It flapped its huge wings and flew towards the scent.

From afar, the ancient dragon could see Ji Fengyan casually dodging the demons’ attack in mid-air. Its eyes almost popped out of its head!

“You’re not dead?” The ancient dragon spoke in surprise.

Ji Fengyan turned towards the sound. As she dodged an attack by a Giant Lightning Beast, she replied, “Are they fit to kill me? It’s too early to tell!”

With that, Ji Fengyan took a newly made talisman from her Space Soul Jade, and threw it at the ancient dragon.

“Swallow it.”

The ancient dragon had no time to think and involuntarily swallowed the talisman that Ji Fengyan had thrown. The talisman immediately dissolved in its mouth and flowed down its throat, bringing a cooling and refreshing feeling. But what surprised the ancient dragon was that the wounds all over its body rapidly healed, and the dragon scales that had fallen off started to grow out!

“What’s this?” The ancient dragon felt that it was rapidly regaining the strength that it had lost. With that, it felt something surge and when it opened its mouth, its breath was vaguely mixed with flames. With another breath, its flames intertwined with the lightning and swept the entire battlefield.

It shocked the ancient dragon when it realized that it had emitted the flames.

It never knew that it was so fierce!

Ji Fengyan did not have time to explain matters to the ancient dragon. Instead, she turned back to the battlefield.

With her abundant vital energy, it was as if Ji Fengyan had returned to the peak she had achieved before her reincarnation. One talisman followed another and the lightning crisscrossed. She was not even panting.

How she missed this feeling…

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