Chapter 489 - Counterattack (2)

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Chapter 489: Counterattack (2)

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Like Ji Fengyan, the ancient dragon had recovered its strength and it launched a new wave of attacks on the demons. On that intense battlefield, the two figures, one big and one small, became the demons’ biggest nightmare.

Under the assault of the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck, the demons outside the capital institute did not dare to move a step, leaving the demons which had previously poured into the institute to continue wrestling. However, the flashes of lightning had killed almost all the low-level demons. The medium-level demons were seriously injured by the repeated lightning strikes, which greatly reduced their fighting capabilities.

Only the high-level demons, with large bodies and powerful defensive capabilities, still stood untouched on the battlefield.

The bloodthirsty nature of the demons was repeatedly provoked by Ji Fengyan. Their wild desires filled their hearts and their only thought was to seal the airborne Ji Fengyan in their stomachs.

“We can’t just carry on fighting like that.” Ji Fengyan surveyed the entire battlefield from her vantage point in the air.

More than twenty high-level demons were still going strong. In addition, they were beginning to use their large bodies to shield the medium-level demons from the lightning attack.

The lightning could no longer cause sufficient damage.


Ji Fengyan ceased her repeat bombardment with the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck.

This was the only way to prevent even more demons from pouring into the capital institute.

And now…

Ji Fengyan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

First, she had to take care of these high-level demons.

Ji Fengyan’s mouth curled in a cold and murderous smile. She used a one-handed throw!

The evil-crushing sword in her hand immediately flew into the air!

Ji Fengyan’s hands immediately performed a mudra. She dabbed a bit of blood on her eyes.

“Ten Thousand Swords Return!” Ji Fengyan spoke the four words coldly and crisply. The moment the last syllable left her lips…

The evil-crushing sword that was suspended in mid- air immediately emitted a blinding light!

The light enveloped the horizon, dispersing the shadows left by the thunderclouds.

As the light slowly dissipated, the body of the evil-crushing sword shuddered slightly!

At that very instant!

Sharp swords appeared in every inch of sky that had been enveloped by the light!

Ten thousand copies of the evil-crushing sword were suspended in the air. In the light’s glow and the lightning, the congregation of bright swords filled the entire sky!

“What is that?!!” The youths in the martial arts arena gaped at the sight of a forest of swords in the air. They rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

Even if the Divine Swordsman were here, he could not have surpassed this!

Tens of thousands of sharp swords hung over the heads of the demons. The smile in the corner of Ji Fengyan’s mouth deepened. She extended the hands that were in front of her chest, then suddenly brought her palms together. Her upper body was suddenly pulled backwards. The next second, she opened her palms and pushed them towards the demons with great force!


With that one word, the tens of thousands of sharp swords that had been suspended in the air immediately flew towards the demons on the ground.


Swoosh! Swoosh!

The piercing sound of the sharp swords rending the air drummed on everyone’s heart, causing their hot blood to surge.

Every sharp sword dragged a tail of bright light behind it and pierced the demon army like rain water.

The onlookers could only see streams of cold light piercing these large bodies. Then tragic screams arose from the demons!

Tens of thousands of sharp swords buried themselves in the bodies of the eighteen Giant Lightning Beasts. Ji Fengyan’s hands had been opened as she extended her arms, but now she suddenly clenched her fists.


Countless sharp swords suddenly shot out of the bodies of the eighteen Giant Lighting Beasts. The sharp swords that were stained black with demon blood flew straight into the sky. Under the glow of the light, they reassembled into the resplendent evil-crushing sword!

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