Chapter 492 - Hope (2)

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Chapter 492: Hope (2)

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Qin Muyao’s injuries recovered rapidly as the fresh blood entered his throat. His depleted stamina also replenished within seconds. He clutched at his throat, his mouth filled with the viscous taste of blood.

“Ready?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows at him.

Qin Muyao nodded.

Ji Fengyan pulled up Qin Muyao and flew with the ancient dragon out of the martial arts arena.

Using the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck as a cover, the demon army was blocked up outside the institute. Throngs of demons spanned as far as the eye could see, their numbers terrifying and over ten times before!

Riding on her flying sword, Ji Fengyan reached the desecrated high wall first. She looked at Qin Muyao and he nodded. She then put him down.

Qin Muyao once again activated his protective shield and wielded his sword. He surveyed the infinite number of demons before him with sharp eyes.

The ear-piercing howls of the demons overwhelmed even the sound of thunder.

“Let’s begin.” Ji Fengyan said lightly. She flew up into the sky and became the first person to leave the lightning cover and appeared before the crowd.

She gradually descended and the moment she landed… All the demons started getting agitated!

The sight of Ji Fengyan attracted countless of demons and surged toward her in a mad rush!

“Come on!” Qin Muyao gripped his sword tightly and reinforced his protective shield. The towering figure dashed out of the institute straight into the demon masses!

Both figures charged right into the demon army as if entering a wide ocean—and were instantly swallowed up!

Hidden in the darkness beyond, the ancient dragon saw the demons being distracted by Ji Fengyan and Qin Muyao. Flapping its wings, it quickly flew out of the capital institute.

Liu Kai and his two companies woke up in mid-air and saw the battle from their high vantage point. They spied Ji Fengyan’s figure in the midst of the sea of demons, but they lost again her in the mob within seconds!

“Damn it! Damn it!” The three guys had never so despised their own helplessness as they did now. It was like… they were forever hiding under Ji Fengyan’s protection.

The youths riding upon the ancient dragon looked back at the capital institute and scene of battle, gradually fading into the distance. Instead of feeling relief, they felt uneasy and worried.

They would not have become deserters if they were not so weak…

Shameful deserters.

Just as the crowd plunged into the depths of misery, a mass of darkness flew toward the ancient dragon.

The dragon’s heart instantly sank.

The youths on its back were startled and prepared to do battle.


As the two entities drew closer and closer, everyone’s anxiety was replaced with an extreme excitement!

“It’s the Grand Tutor! The Grand Tutor! The Grand Tutor has brought backup! Everyone will be saved! We are saved!” A youth whooped in joy as he saw the leading figure.

At the front, countless of Shijius and airborne mounts bearing a huge number of soldiers were speeding toward the capital institute. Every Shijiu bore at least three tall, strapping soldiers.

And flying at the head of the army was a high-speed airborne mount carrying an erect and imposing figure. That handsome face bore an extremely intense expression.

Fengyan, wait for me.

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