Chapter 493 - Hope (3)

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Chapter 493: Hope (3)

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Outside the capital institute, Ji Fengyan was immersed right in the middle of the demon army. There was danger at every turn as demons attacked from all sides in a continuous stream.

Ji Fengyan slashed her evil-vanquishing sword at the demons, all that stood in its way were sliced up.


More and more demons surged forth, filling up the previously empty grounds. Ji Fengyan was drenched in a mixture of reddish-brown and black blood. She sent one demon flying with a kick, only to find more seizing the opportunity to muscle in.

The inextinguishable mass of demons covered the entire mountain wilderness.

Ji Fengyan used the abundant vital energy in her inner core to engage the demons in a continuous battle. As one gigantic demon charged forward, she used its head as a stepping stone and leaped up into the air!

The demon army spanned as far as the eye could see. Ji Fengyan surveyed the horizon and noticed a group of black figures speeding over through the sky. Her heart sank but then she suddenly realized that those figures were not demons but Shijius!

Before she could identify the figures riding the Shijius, Ji Fengyan had already landed on the ground.

Sitting on the leading Shijiu, Xing Lou’s face was extremely grave. When he saw a familiar figure spring up from the midst of the demon army, his heart… pounded violently.

As that figure disappeared into the mass of demons, Xing Lou stood up on his Shijiu.

“Lord Grand Tutor?” The dark guard was slightly startled by Xing Lou’s abrupt movement. But in the next second… Xing Lou jumped off his Shijiu and charged toward that sprawling demon horde!

“Lord Grand Tutor!!”

Everyone stared in shock at Xing Lou’s sudden action.

Xing Lou’s pure white figure became a streak of light in the air as he flew toward the spot where that figure had landed.

The huge force generated blasted an opening amongst the mass of demons!

A booming sound rang in Ji Fengyan’s ears as chaos erupted and blurred her view.

Just as Ji Fengyan was about to counterattack yet another charging demon, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her. Before she had time to react, Ji Fengyan was gathered up in a warm embrace!

Xing Lou hugged Ji Fengyan tightly to him, pressing her head into his chest. A pair of black wings fanned out in the midst of the demon mob!

Holding Ji Fengyan, Xing Lou gave a vicious spin and countless black feathers shot out from the wings on his back toward the surrounding demons!

Black feathers penetrated their tough skins and entered their bodies, piercing through all those demons in an instant!

Many demons collapsed on the floor, only to be replaced by even more demons.

Xing Lou raised his eyes, his black pupils suddenly turning a blood-red.

Faced with those blood-red pupils, the surrounding demons had been paralyzed on the spot. An uncontrollable fear washed over those crazed demon eyes. Even high-level demons had involuntarily started trembling when they saw those blood-red pupils.

“Scram!” Xing Lou commanded imperiously.

Within seconds, all the demons fled shrieking.

Squeezed against Xing Lou’s chest, Ji Fengyan just managed to raise her head in time to see those demons fleeing in a terrified panic.

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