Chapter 494 - Reinforcements Have Arrived (1)

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Chapter 494: Reinforcements Have Arrived (1)

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What was going on?

Ji Fengyan was dumbstruck.

“Are you all right?” A tender voice asked. Ji Fengyan lifted her head and looked straight into Xing Lou’s eyes.

That murderous aura and blood-red color had already vanished from those pupils. Even that black pair of wings had been kept back into his body the moment Ji Fengyan looked up at Xing Lou.

Gazing at Xing Lou’s concerned face, Ji Fengyan was utterly stunned.

“Grand Tutor?”

Why was he here?

Seeing Ji Fengyan’s bloodstained little face, all the latent fury and ferocity in Xing Lou’s heart burned. He struggled to control the murderous rage inside and raised his hand to brush back a strand of hair from Ji Fengyan’s forehead.

“Leave the rest to me.”

With that, Xing Lou suddenly bounded up into the air with Ji Fengyan still in his arms. Floating in the air for an instant, he turned slightly, as a massive Shijiu appeared and had them both seated on its back!

By the time Xing Lou was sitting firmly on the Shijiu, the rest of the reinforcements had arrived. He looked coldly at the demon army and commanded his own troops.


The bloodthirstiness in his chilly tone was terrifying.

Leading the reinforcements, the dark guard surged forth toward that demon army!

Xing Lou had gathered all the nearby Terminators and army troops. A 10,000-strong army was now charging straight at the demons!

Tall, sturdy figures jumped off the Shijius’ backs, activating their World-Termination-Armours the moment they landed on the ground.

Hundreds of veteran Terminator generals leading large troops brought death and destruction to the demon army.

The originally overwhelming demon army suffered major losses as those Terminators and their troops entered the fray.

“Demon brats, your daddies have arrived. Be good boys and die!” A burly Terminator wielding a massive ax chopped down at a charging demon and instantly split the monster in two!

Immersed in the thick of the battle, Qin Muyao was amazed to find the fighting pressure on him reduced. One by one, figures wearing World-Termination-Armours had joined the fight. The surrounding demons fell like flies.

Xing Lou’s reinforcements were all top-notch, veteran warriors in their physical prime—completely different from the inexperienced youths from the institute. They knew the weaknesses of every type of demon and every single of their blows were fatal. They had honed their rapport and coordination with each other from countless battles, multiplying their combat powers many times over!

Within minutes, the demons had fallen into dire straits. The tremendous bodies of those gigantic high-level demons had ended up a bane to the other demons, blocking their escape.

A Terminator archer released a barrage of arrows at a high-level demon, all aimed at its weakest spot—the eyeballs. Within seconds, that high-level demon’s eyes had been shot to shreds and it was lashing out in a blind frenzy. Not only did the demon fail to make contact with any of the Terminators, it actually tore apart its own kind.

The battle had rapidly reached a turning point. Ji Fengyan watched this positive turn of events while seated upon that Shijiu.

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