Chapter 495 - Reinforcements Have Arrived (2)

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Chapter 495: Reinforcements Have Arrived (2)

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Ji Fengyan’s full attention was on the battle scene below and did not notice that Xing Lou—sitting behind her—was only focused on her. His acute senses detected multiple injuries on Ji Fengyan’s body. Although they have all healed since, the sight of the scars were still shocking.

He dared not imagine if he had arrived just a bit later…

“I am sorry.” A low, hoarse voice sounded from behind Ji Fengyan. She turned in astonishment and saw Xing Lou frowning.

“Uh… the fact that you all could have reached here so quickly was already a blessing. Thank goodness you guys came. If not, I really wouldn’t know what else to do.” Ji Fengyan smiled at Xing Lou. No matter what had happened before, having Xing Lou here now was enough to save the lives of the remaining students.

Xing Lou’s frown deepened.

He could have been here even earlier…

Xing Lou looked at the uncountable number of demons outside the capital institute, and for the first time felt an intense urge to massacre all of them.

The reinforcement troops advanced steadily and destroyed the demon army’s formation. Under the frenzied attack, the demon army was being steadily forced back. The capital institute’s mountain was not large. It was not an ideal scenario for the massive demon army to be squeezed within that space with the elite human troops.

The mountainous land greatly impeded the demons’ movements and constricted the full potential of their combat powers. On the other hand, the lankier physiques of the humans gave them a nimbleness advantageous in their attack against the demons.

By midday, the demons crowded upon the capital institute mountain were frantically trying to escape. The dense mass of demons retreated down the mountain like a waterfall.

They strewed demon corpses all over the mountain from its base to its peak.

Following the complete retreat of the demons, the reinforcement troops stood upon the mountain peak and bellowed at the fleeing demons.

Qin Muyao panted heavily as he watched the demons running away in their sorry state. He finally felt released from the huge burden pressing upon his heart.


Finally made it through.

The demon attack had lasted a mere half day. To mobilize so many troops and Terminators within such a short span of time was nearly impossible. In the entire Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, only two people had the power to do so…

Instinctively, Qin Muyao raised his head and looked up at the reverent figure sitting on a Shijiu. He frowned.

It was him, all right…

After making sure there were no demons left alive on the battlefield, Xing Lou gradually steered his Shijiu downward, landing on the ground together with Ji Fengyan.

The dark guard approached them.

“Reporting to Lord Grand Tutor. All the demons have retreated. The surroundings should be safe now.”

Xing Lou nodded and glanced at Ji Fengyan. “How is the situation inside the capital institute?”

Ji Fengyan’s happy expression suddenly vanished. Without another word, she led Xing Lou and the rest into the devastated institute.

The gleeful faces of the celebrating troops fell instantly the moment they stepped into the capital institute.

Bodies and blood were everywhere. The once-glorious capital institute had turned into a wretched wasteland by the bloodbath…

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