Chapter 496 - Return to Dust (1)

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Chapter 496: Return to Dust (1)

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They had experienced countless battles with the demon clan and were already used to death and bloodshed. Every terminator had trained for many years in the capital institute, so they were equally familiar with every area there.


They had never imagined that their sacred place would be completely destroyed within half a day.

The familiar sight from the past was no longer seen, but the torn flag belonging to the institution remained hung on the collapsed wall.

“How could this be… Did the demon clan already infiltrate into the institution?” one terminator looked on in disbelief. When they finally reached and saw the demon clan’s army gathered outside the institution, they thought that they had not yet successfully infiltrated, who would have expected that…

The pathetic state of the institution destroyed their naïve thought.

All the demons’ corpses that were laying on the ground had piled to form small hills. Most of them were charred, as if they were burnt by strong flames.

“The demon clan had long infiltrated the institution,” Qin Muyao, who was filled with exhaustion, said as he watched at everything before him.

The terminators were all stunned. Just from the looks of the densely packed demons’ corpses, they could already estimate the number of demons that had attacked, and because of how clear they were of the exact number, it made it even more difficult for them to believe…

What method had the capital institute used to kill this many demons?

And how did they keep them out of the institution?

It must be known that besides the one or two hundred mentors in the capital institute, the remaining people were all students with no battling experience. How did those ten-year-old young men hold up against the demon clan’s crazy attack?

As they proceeded deeper into the institution, they could see the bloodstains left from the battle. What they saw at every location made them horrified.

“Is there anyone… still alive?” one of the terminator tried to sound out for a response.

Qin Muyao said nothing and looked at Ji Fengyan.

If not for Ji Fengyan, it was likely that none of the people from the institution would have survived, right?

Ji Fengyan led Xing Lou to their martial arts arena. The Five-Blow-Thunderstruck that she had laid down had been completely used up right before Xing Lou and the rest had arrived.

The young men standing in the martial arts arena looked at their reinforcements with a look of surprise. All of them stared in disbelief, but when they saw the figure that had stood side by side with Ji Fengyan, they had almost instantly loosened the tenseness that they had been feeling.

“Grand Tutor…”

“It’s the Master Grand Tutor…”

“The grand tutor had brought his men to save us.”

As if they had seen the descend of hope, the young men who were saved could finally let go of the resilience that they had forced it upon themselves. Almost instantly, all the young men wept.

There was suddenly a wave of cries in the martial arts arena. The strong blood stench filled the reinforcement troops’ noses. Those soldiers that had trained for many years on the battlefield did not show any nonchalance towards all the young men. They stood quietly there as they watched the young men who had survived from the bloodbath with the demon clan. There was an ageing look left on those young men’s young-looking faces.

The maturity that had been forced upon them in tough times.

There were about 1000 students in the martial arts arena, but this quantity was only one-fifth of the total student population in the capital institute…

Even so…

It was already beyond expectations that this many people had survived.

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