Chapter 524 - : The Pool Of Blood (1)

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Chapter 524

: The Pool Of Blood (1)

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About ten steps from the entrance to the second floor was a huge round pool. The wall of the pool was about one and a half meters high, but what really shocked Ji Fengyan was the bubbling, viscous black liquid in that pool.

The pitch-black liquid was bubbling endlessly from no clear cause. Ji Fengyan smelt a thick mixture of blood scent and demon aura.

Amid that black, bubbling liquid was seven to eight transparent spheres the size of human heads bobbing up and down.

Every transparent sphere was filled halfway with a red-colored liquid. This liquid was an unusually deep-red and sticky. It sloshed about as the spheres bobbed up and down. Ji Fengyan discovered that inside each sphere was a World-Termination-Armour seal!

Those seals were half-submerged in that dark red, sticky liquid.

As the spheres floated up and down, she could see glimpses of the seals every now and then.

The strange scene utterly stunned Ji Fengyan before her. The scent of blood mixed with the demon aura came at her in waves – the smell stinging her nostrils all the way to her temples. She treaded nimbly over to that huge pool. Standing beside it and inhaling that stabbing scent, Ji Fengyan couldn’t help but be in total shock.

This was obviously a pool full of demon blood!

What the hell was going on?

The pool was over ten-meters and filled to the brim with demon blood. The strong smell of blood was suffocating.

Ji Fengyan raised her eyes to look at the rest of the second level.

She suddenly realized there were actually five to six such blood pools on the second floor. Upon the four walls were affixed with crystal racks. Each rack held a transparent sphere partially filled with the dark red liquid. Some spheres were filled up halfway while some held only a bit of the liquid.

Ji Fengyan’s suspicions got stronger and stronger. She walked up to a rack and looked at the finger-sized gold plate labels below one of the spheres.

Written clearly on it was the word “Lei”.


What was the meaning of it?

Ji Fengyan frowned and looked at another sphere.

The word “Ji” was carved on the plate below it!

These were the Terminator marks from each of the family clans?

Ji Fengyan suddenly realized these spheres could very well be the key to repairing the World-Termination-Armour. Every armour had its own corresponding sphere and not to be moved at random.

Ji Fengyan noticed that the Ji family’s sphere contained a great deal of the red liquid. The sphere was also very clean with only a slight amount of dusting.

It was obvious that it had been used within the past six months. In contrast, the Lei family’s sphere had accumulated quite a bit of dust and looked as if it had not been moved for a few years.

Every World-Termination-Armour had its own corresponding sphere. According to her former self’s memory, the Ji family’s armour had been preserved very well and not been sent for repairs in the past few years. Then… why was its sphere so clean?

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