Chapter 525 - The Pool of Blood (2)

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Chapter 525: The Pool of Blood (2)

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More and more unexplainable things piled before Ji Fengyan’s eyes and increasing the suspicions in her mind.

The demon blood pool, the bizarre crystal spheres and the dark red liquid inside them—what were all these?

Ji Fengyan inspected every sphere carefully to see if there was an opening somewhere. However, she failed to find anything. Each crystal sphere had been created perfectly smooth with no ridges at all.


How did those World-Termination-Armour seals get into the spheres?

Despite focusing her vital energy, Ji Fengyan still could not survey the entire second floor. Nevertheless, she had already spied hundreds of crystal spheres from what she could see.

Amongst the many spheres, there were some whose dark red liquid had already completely dried up. Only a few residue marks were left at the bottom of the sphere. Upon closer inspection, Ji Fengyan discovered some uneven patches within the dried remnants. She inspected a few such empty spheres and was stunned by what she saw in one of them.

In the middle of the dried red patch at the bottom of that crystal sphere, a small white protrusion attracted Ji Fengyan’s attention.

That white protrusion looked peculiar. Ji Fengyan subliminally felt that it was a broken bone fragment.

As thoughts raced through Ji Fengyan’s mind, the sound of heavy footsteps shattered the surrounding silence!

Ji Fengyan held her breath and looked cautiously toward that noise.

A black figure had emerged from the pool furthest from Ji Fengyan and was walking towards her.

The footsteps were heavy and slow, but also strong, sounding just like someone steadily shaking a maraca.

Ji Fengyan heard a hoarse breathing noise, completely unlike that of a human. It sounded more like a wild beast.

As the black figure drew closer, Ji Fengyan finally saw it clearly.

It was a tall humanoid monster with rippling muscles on its bare upper body. A huge, multi-colored woven belt encircled its thick and sturdy waist. It also had a powerful back and forward-bending knees. Sitting upon that green-veined neck was the hideous head of a dog…

The black dog’s head had long, slender ears. Its protracted jaws was slightly ajar to reveal sharp fangs and saliva dribbling onto the floor.

In the darkness, that monstrous dog-headed humanoid stretched out its neck and appeared to be vigorously sniffing the air. It never stopped advancing in Ji Fengyan’s direction.

Ji Fengyan stared steadily at that creature. She totally could not identify this animal. However, she could feel its strong aura, surpassing even that of a high-level demon!

The dog-headed humanoid seemed to have detected the scent of a living human. Its head suddenly turned to face Ji Fengyan’s direction as it kicked out with its powerful back legs. With its body curved like a wild beast, it pounced towards Ji Fengyan!

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