Chapter 527 - The Pool Of Blood (4)

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Chapter 527: The Pool Of Blood (4)

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“How… how did I come back here?” Ji Fengyan was completely confused.

Liu Huo got off the bed and sat at a nearby chair. Looking at Ji Fengyan, he said, “I was passing by the Ming Workshop on the way back to the Ji residence yesterday when I saw you fainted outside. I spent half a day trying to wake you to no avail – so I just brought you back here.”

Ji Fengyan was astounded. She had fainted outside the Ming Workshop?

Right before she fainted, her only memory was of that savage dog-headed humanoid. She had no recollection of anything that occurred after.

What the hell had happened at the Ming Workshop?

Just as Ji Fengyan was considering all that, Liu Huo asked, “Are you going to join the army?”

Ji Fengyan was slightly taken aback. She remembered her promise to the Emperor. As Liu Huo had left the Ji residence then, he didn’t know of the latest situation. “Yes, I will leave in a few days.”

“Are you bringing that ancient dragon along?” Liu Huo asked.

Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo had rode the ancient dragon back to the capital city. However, they had temporarily left the dragon in the nearby forest because of its massive size, and to avoid stirring up the entire capital due to its special status as a legendary creature.

Otherwise, there would have been much unnecessary commotion on the day of their return.

“Should be…” Ji Fengyan said in frustration. She didn’t really want to bring it along. But with that dragon’s character, it would stubbornly follow her as long as she had not repaid her “debt” to it.

The ancient dragon had contributed a great deal to the battle at the capital institute. But it was almost amusing the way that dragon had bothered to record down every single demon live it took. Now, it was clamoring after Ji Fengyan to pay it back.

According to that carefully recorded debt, Ji Fengyan would probably need to give the dragon a huge mountain made of gold in order to be in the clear.

“If it goes, it will be very attention grabbing.” Liu Huo reminded her.

They owed the founding of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon to an ancient dragon. If another one appeared now, one could imagine just how excited everyone would be to see it.

Ji Fengyan felt helpless. She needed to find another way for the ancient dragon to keep a low profile.

With Liu Huo’s topic change, Ji Fengyan didn’t continue obsessing over the Ming Workshop incident. Nevertheless, a major puzzle still lingered in her mind. She also knew the dog-headed humanoid was extremely powerful. Even if she were to battle it at her present good condition, it would still be a tough fight to win.

She didn’t much time left if she wanted to gather more clues.

Three days later, Liu Kai and the rest returned from the Ming Workshop with their World-Termination-Armour repaired. When Ji Fengyan asked how they spent their days at the workshop, their answers were uniformly strange.

“Uh… I don’t really remember. It felt that these few days went by in a blur.”

The three guys had zero recollection of the past few days. From the moment they stepped into the Ming Workshop until they left, they had no memory of what happened at all. There was no point in asking if they saw that dog-headed humanoid.

Ji Fengyan found this all very bizarre. However, there were only a few days left before she had to leave for the border. As part of the conditions for Linghe and company to go with her, she had to make use of every remaining second to increase their chances of survival on the battlefield as much as possible.

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