Chapter 528 - Going to Battle (1)

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Chapter 528: Going to Battle (1)

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Two days later, Ji Fengyan received her military orders and headed for her destination with Linghe and the others.

Before she set out from the Ji house, Ji Ru specially sought Ji Fengyan out to talk to her. He asked Ji Fengyan to do everything possible to preserve her life in the border skirmishes. Then he had all the wealth and goods that she possessed in the Ji house packed into boxes, prepared over ten horse carriages, and let Ji Fengyan bring them with her. Thus, he stamped out any ill intentions that the other Ji family members might be harboring.

Seated on the horse carriage Ji Fengyan streamed out of the city with Liu Huo, Linghe, Yang Jian and the others. When they reached the city gate, she suddenly saw someone standing at the gate.

Ji Fengyan stopped the carriage and walked towards the person.

“What’s the matter?” Ji Fengyan saw Lei Qin standing at the gate, obviously waiting for her.

Lei Qin looked at Ji Fengyan, who was standing before her. He expression was complicated, but lacked the hostility present in their previous encounters. Ever since Ji Fengyan had beaten the Lei family, the Lei family had not made trouble for Ji Fengyan. When they knew that Ji Fengyan had returned to the capital, the Lei family had not dared to show its face. First, they were afraid to be found out by the Eldest Princess and second, they were still afraid of Ji Fengyan’s measures.

At first, Lei Qin had thought little of Ji Fengyan, but… ever since the incident in the capital institute, Lei Qin had truly understood that this young girl’s unremarkable facade hid a vast store of experience.

The youths who held the empty title of genius could not compare to the expression of her strength. Lei Qin, who had heard about the tragic battle in the capital institute, now whole-heartedly admired Ji Fengyan.

Who said that girls were inferior to boys?

Ji Fengyan’s actions changed everything.

Lei Qin had been known as a genius since she was young and thought highly of herself. Although she was the most outstanding member of the Lei family’s younger generation, she could not change her gender. The Lei family head would never take her abilities into consideration when choosing the next family head.

But the Ji family…

With just one word from Ji Fengyan, Ji Ru had made Ji Linglong, who was a girl like her, the next family head.

In one sense, Lei Qin envied Ji Linglong. But she envied Ji Fengyan even more, for having the power to change people.

“I heard you’re going to the borders? You’ll be stationed at Moonset Valley?” Lei Qin smoothed out her expression and spoke slowly.

“That’s right.” Ji Fengyan said.

“Elder Brother asked me to bring you a message.” Lei Qin said.

Lei Ao?

Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly. The last time she met Lei Ao had been in the capital, but he should have returned to his encampment by now. Lei Ao had a message for her? Ji Fengyan was very curious.

“The Moonset Valley is a precipitous cliff on the borders of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Three armies were stationed there year round. Then twenty years ago, the three armies united to sweep the area outside Moonset Valley of demon lairs, thus suppressing the sparks of war in that area. Later, the number of troops stationed there was reduced to one troop. However, half a year ago, the troop was ambushed by demons and half the soldiers were lost. They had no choice but to retreat from Moonset Valley. To this day, no one is certain how the demons managed to attack them. Elder Brother asked me to tell you to be extremely careful in Moonset Valley. Although the area looks peaceful, it is a precipitous cliff. You are young and lack battle experience, so you need to be extra careful in order to last long.” Lei Qin passed on every word of the message. Lei Ao’s words had been conveyed in his letter to the family. Lei Qin had only received it that morning, and when she found out that Ji Fengyan and the others were leaving the city, she had hurried over.

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