Chapter 529 - Going To Battle (2)

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Chapter 529: Going To Battle (2)

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Lei Qin’s words surprised Ji Fengyan. She thought that the Lei family had been temporarily cowed by her. But if the Lei family had not passed this message to her, she would have remained in the dark. However, Lei Ao and Lei Qin had still passed on the news to her. Her attitude towards the Lei family naturally change subtly.

“Why are you telling me this? Shouldn’t you hope that I die on the battlefield so that the Lei family will have nothing to fear?” Ji Fengyan spoke smilingly.

Lei Qin dropped her eyes. “Whether or not you believe it, no matter how things were between us, but… you rescued many students from the capital institute. Even if we had any differences, wars now rage on the borders of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Powerful Terminators are the most indispensable to us. No matter how things stand between us, at this moment, you are a Terminator guarding our borders. As a citizen of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, I hope you will be well and kill more demons.”

When Lei Qin finished speaking, she involuntarily raised her eyes to look at Ji Fengyan. Her clear eyes did not hold a trace of cunning.

No matter how fierce the internal strife, it could not compare to the sharp conflict between the races.

No matter how great their differences were, the Lei family was on the right side.

Ji Fengyan laughed a little. Perhaps this was the bearing that a family with a Terminator should have.

“Thanks.” Ji Fengyan patted Lei Qin’s shoulder.

Lei Qin was slightly taken aback. Then the corners of her mouth curved into a faint smile. She nodded at Ji Fengyan and left.

When Ji Fengyan returned to the carriage, Linghe who was sharing the carriage leaned over curiously.

“What did that Lei family girl say to you? What bad suggestions did they make this time?”

Ji Fengyan shook her head. She told Linghe everything that Lei Qin had said. When Linghe finished listening, he sighed with feeling.

“Although the Lei family may be somewhat lacking in style, they are loyal in this area. When we left the battlefield, the incident in the Moonset Valley had not occurred. We were rather pleased that Miss was going to the Moonset Valley. After all, in the last twenty years, it has been one of the most harmonious areas on the borders of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Who would have thought that… so many important matters have happened within half a year…” Linghe frowned. If Lei Ao had not passed on the news in time, they might still be in the dark and think that they were going to a good place.

Ji Fengyan shrugged. When Linghe and the others had previously said that the Moonset Valley was a quiet and peaceful place, she had been curious. The Eldest Princess had tried to incite her to enter the battlefield, so she certainly had a next move in mind. How could she watch the Emperor station Ji Fengyan somewhere easy and comfortable?

No doubt the Eldest Princess had acted in the end.

The incident in the Moonset Valley was a fairly recent matter, and probably only the military people knew of the most recent changes. Thankfully Lei Ao had spoken up.

“No matter what has happened, we still have to go there. If an army comes, we’ll block it; if it floods, we’ll bank it. We’ll play it by ear when we get there.” Ji Fengyan spoke lazily and smoothly reached out to pinch Liu Huo’s little face.

Although Ji Fengyan was relaxed, Linghe and the others had heavy hearts. The carriage followed the road out of the capital. Ji Fengyan deliberately avoided the main roads and led her troop through thick forests. This puzzled Linghe and the others. When they reached a dense part of the forest, Ji Fengyan got out the carriage and shouted for everyone to alight.

When everyone had alighted, they still could not figure out what Ji Fengyan was doing.

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