Chapter 530 - Going to Battle (3)

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Chapter 530: Going to Battle (3)

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Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, Ji Fengyan suddenly set fire to a talisman on the ground. As they watched the smoke rising from the burnt talisman, it bewildered everyone.


A violent wind suddenly blew above everyone’s head and a strong feeling of power blew towards Linghe and the others.

In a moment, everyone’s hair stood on end, and they immediately became alert.

Ji Fengyan smilingly remained at the same spot. She raised her head and watched the sky, her long hair waving in the violent wind.


A huge shadow passed over everyone’s head. The dream-like roar of a dragon followed.

The huge ancient dragon appeared above everyone’s heads. Its huge body was like a large mountain range, blocking out the brilliant sun. It descended slowly.

“Why did you summon me?” The ancient dragon landed slowly. When its four claws reached the ground, the ground shuddered. The dragon proudly arched its huge head, while its eyes looked disdainfully around at Linghe and the others, who were frightened out of their wits.

Humph, stupid humans.

“I have something good for you, that’s why I called you over.” Ji Fengyan spoke laughingly.

The ancient dragon narrowed its eyes. “You brought gold?”

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows slightly. “A lot.”

The ancient dragon’s eyes immediately started to glow and its proudly arched head lowered. Its thick tail happily waved behind it.

“Where? Where?”

Ji Fengyan looked at the ancient dragon’s impatient expression and suppressed her laughter. She asked Yang Jian to move the boxes from the carriages and place them before the ancient dragon.

Ji Fengyan kicked open the boxes one by one. The gold, silver and precious treasures scattered all over the ground.

For a moment, it blinded the ancient dragon!

Ji Ru had allowed Ji Fengyan to carry her entire fortune from the Ji family away. Ji Fengyan long since cultivated the spiritual energy they possessed. These things were now worthless to her, so she used them to “repay her debts”.

“Ow ow.” The ancient dragon’s hot blood surged and it was almost drooling. It glanced at Ji Fengyan and when she nodded slightly, it drew a deep breath and wildly sucked all the gold, silver and precious treasures into its mouth.

Linghe and the others witnessed everything from the sidelines. From the moment the ancient dragon appeared, they had felt that…

the world had become a fantasy…

They had actually seen an ancient dragon. An ancient dragon that only appeared in legends.

“Elder… elder brother… am I seeing things…” Zuo Nuo gaped at the ancient dragon that was sweeping up the treasures in a frenzy. Even with the violent wind whistling in his ears, he still felt that this moment had an unreal quality.

Linghe did not even move his eyes. He just raised his hand and slapped Zuo Nuo’s head.

“Did that hurt?”

“Yes…” It hurt so badly that Zuo Nuo was about to cry.

“So this is all real.” Linghe concluded.

Who would have expected Ji Fengyan to actually summon a dragon!

Previously, Xing Lou had personally led troops to the rescue of the capital institute. But he had mysteriously managed to seal everyone’s mouth, such that they could not bring up the ancient dragon. Hence… until today, others did not know that such a huge beast had been in the battle of the capital institute.

Now that Linghe and the others had seen it, they almost went crazy.

A dragon!

A real dragon!

A living dragon!

And an especially warm one too!

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