Chapter 531 - Moonset Valley (1)

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Chapter 531: Moonset Valley (1)

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“M… Miss… it’s an ancient dragon…” Linghe stammered.

“My creditor.” Ji Fengyan laughed as she spoke.


Linghe’s eyes almost fell out of his head. How he wished he could have a creditor like that…

“Stop staring. Choose four carriages and let the horses drag the rest back. Let’s go.” As Ji Fengyan spoke, she was the first to hop up on the ancient dragon’s back.

Her movements were almost too well-practiced.

Liu Huo followed, and even Bai Ze tapped onto the noble giant dragon’s back with its little hooves.

Only Linghe and the others were filled with fear and trembling. They felt as if they were in a dream-like state.

They would ride an ancient dragon?

Was it true?

Was it a dream?

After choosing four carriages, Linghe and the others stepped dreamily onto the ancient dragon’s back. Every step seemed like an illusion. Intent on sucking up all the treasures, the ancient dragon did not even notice the slight weight on its back.

Only when it had eaten every scrap, did it remember to turn and ask Ji Fengyan, “Where are we going?”

“Moonset Valley.” Ji Fengyan spoke naturally.

“Oh, that place… I’ve been there before.” Without hesitation, the ancient dragon flapped its wings and with a roar, carried everyone and flew towards the Moonset Valley.

“When did you go there?” Ji Fengyan was rather curious.

“One or two centuries ago.” The ancient dragon said.

Ji Fengyan, “…”

One need not mention how feverish Linghe and the others looked when they were seated on the giant dragon’s back. They almost wanted to lie prone on the giant dragon’s back so that they could be completely in contact with it.

When Ji Fengyan saw the dreamy expressions of Linghe and the others, she was afraid that they might fall off the giant dragon’s back in fright. To reduce their shock, Ji Fengyan recounted the ancient dragon’s military exploits in the capital institute. She also told them about her agreement with the ancient dragon and how they might even fight shoulder to shoulder again.

When Linghe and the others heard this, they were even more incredulous.

They might even fight shoulder to shoulder with an ancient dragon?

Wow, they had not lived in vain.

With that, those who had worried about the unrest in Moonset Valley were now completely at ease.

Be it demons or ambush.

Bring it on!

They had their ancient dragon! They were not afraid of anything!


One might be full of ideals, but reality is stark.

The ancient dragon flew extremely fast. A horse carriage would have taken approximately two months to travel from the capital to Moonset Valley. However, the ancient dragon pushed itself for half a month, and they were almost at their destination.

Linghe and the others were prepared to land the ancient dragon at their encampment in a blaze of glory. However, Ji Fengyan stopped the ancient dragon in a forest, three li away from their encampment in Moonset Valley.

They would have to cover the remaining distance in carriages.

She left the ancient dragon in the forest, awaiting further summons.

“Miss, why don’t you allow Lord Ancient Dragon to come with us to the encampment?” Linghe’s expression was pained.

“This is not the right time.” Ji Fengyan got onto the carriage as she spoke.

Although the ancient dragon was powerful, it was not omnipotent. If they brought the ancient dragon to the encampment now, the army would rely on its existence. But even if she brought it with her, an ancient dragon was far from able to resist a large demon army in a real battle.

Ji Fengyan was deeply aware of the battle guidelines and naturally did not wish to take the easy way out.

Helpless, everyone could only get onto the carriages and advance towards the Moonset Valley, which was three li away.

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