Chapter 532 - Moonset Valley (2)

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Chapter 532: Moonset Valley (2)

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The Moonset Valley was at the boundary of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Shaped like the crescent moon, the valley was lit by moonlight every nightfall. Flanked by the two pitch-black mountains, its luminosity was especially striking. It looked like what would happen if the moon had fallen from the sky, hence its name.

Mountains surrounding the valley, making it easy to defend and difficult to attack. Many years ago, it was the main holding grounds of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s army – guarded by three of the nation’s most powerful troops. Leveraging on the Moonset Valley’s excellent geographical advantages, the Kingdom’s army had emerged victorious in a series of battles and defeated countless enemy forces. This was also where the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had forged its reputation as a reigning military power.

Owing to the relative peace, only one troop was left guarding the Moonset Valley and there were no major incidents for many years. However, there had been a surprise demon attack six months ago. The Kingdom troops had suffered heavy losses and had no choice but to retreat and await reinforcements.

Presently, only a few old sentries were left at the Moonset Valley army barracks. They had been stationed at the valley for many years and were among the lucky survivors after the demon attack which left their troops floundering.

A team of soldiers were despondently patrolling the large army barracks. Although most of the debris had been cleared, bloodstains could still be seen amongst the broken rocks.

A handsome youth stood at the entrance of the Moonset Valley and stared into the vast mountain range.

That youth had well-bred good looks and stood proudly against the wind. A troop of soldiers waited behind him.

“Military advisor, it has only been half a month. The Terminator would not be arriving so soon. Is it really necessary for you to wait here day after day?” The soldier standing closest to the youth murmured.

Lu Shaoqing turned slightly to look at the troops behind him.

“I am here not to wait for the arrival of the Terminator, but to survey the geography of the Moonset Valley.”

Understanding dawned on the soldiers.

“Nevertheless, what was His Majesty thinking – sending a young girl to our aid?” Another soldier scratched his head in puzzlement.

They had just received His Majesty’s decree half a month ago, that a new Terminator would be assigned to take charge of the Moonset Valley. This was not an unusual situation for the soldiers. But they never expected the Emperor to be sending a young 15-year-old girl as the Terminator-in-charge!

This came as a complete shock to these veteran soldiers.

A 15-year-old little girl. So what if she was a Terminator?

At her young age, she would probably go weak in the knees when face-to-face with the demons. How was she going to lead the army against them in battle?

Lu Shaoqing frowned, revealing that he also had his doubts about the Emperor’s arrangements.

“Who knows? His Majesty is seated far from the borders and doesn’t know the situation first-hand. The Moonset Valley had been comparatively peaceful for so many years – suffering only one sudden attack six months ago. We are probably being sent someone of dubious qualifications? If not, who would send a young girl to a battlefield?” Another soldier grumbled disapprovingly.

As the Moonset Valley had been relatively secured the past few years, the soldiers sent here were all of mediocre capabilities and youthful ignorance. Only after gaining a few years of experience here – were these soldiers, then transferred to other places. In addition, physically unwell Terminator were also sometimes sent here to recuperate.

In all those years, none of the Terminators sent to the Moonset Valley held the least bit of competence.

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