Chapter 533 - Moonset Valley (3)

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Chapter 533: Moonset Valley (3)

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Making use of the Moonset Valley’s relative order, the Emperor often assigned people with sub-par abilities to hone their skills here. This was something the soldiers were already used to.

When the demons first launched their surprise attack, the Terminator leading the Moonset Valley troops had completely blanked out. Despite having joined the army for three years, he had zero battle experience and was instantly beat back by the demons—resulting in severe losses.

As for this little girl about to arrive, no one bore her any hopes and only felt that this assignation was a joke.

“Do not doubt His Majesty.” Lu Shaoqing admonished. The soldiers immediately shut their mouths and looked respectfully at him.

The reason why the troops had not entirely perished in that bloody battle half a year ago was solely because of this military advisor before them.

A pity…

As smart and capable as he was, he was going to be overstepped by a Terminator.

The crowd couldn’t help but feel indignant for Lu Shaoqing.

Lu Shaoqing had become famous at the age of 16. Proficient in both mental and physical skills, he was very capable at managing troop formations. He had joined the army at the age of 21 and now held six years of experience. However, every Terminator assigned had been inept and a total waste of Lu Shaoqing’s capabilities.

“Never mind. Let’s head back first.” Lu Shaoqing said blandly.

Just as they were preparing to head back, a sharp-eyed soldier suddenly raised his hand.

“What is that?”

Lu Shaoqing paused and looked up. Several horse carriages had appeared on the winding mountain road and were approaching the entrance of the Moonset Valley.

Lu Shaoqing was slightly taken aback. When he finally got a clear look, he saw the word “Ji” carved onto those carriages!

“It’s the Ji family’s horse carriages? Could it be that Ji Fengyan is here?” A soldier asked in wonder.

Lu Shaoqing was also in shock.

The decision was made only half a month ago. Even if they had set off that very day, it would have taken at least two months to reach Moonset Valley from the capital city. But… how did they manage to arrive here in just over two weeks?

“Go notify the soldiers in the camp to make the necessary preparations.” Lu Shaoqing ordered.

Very soon, those horse carriages arrived at the entrance of the Moonset Valley where Lu Shaoqing and a team of soldiers were waiting. They watched as a delicate and pretty young lady stepped off the first carriage.

“So this is the Moonset Valley? It looks quite lovely.” Ji Fengyan had endured a long bumpy ride before finally arriving at her destination. She surveyed the area and found the geography of the Moonset Valley especially conducive for immortal cultivation. There was abundant spiritual energy within the mountain range—as well as when she had first arrived at Ji City.

Ji Fengyan’s gaze landed on Lu Shaoqing and his soldiers. She noticed their military garb.

“I am Ji Fengyan and have been assigned by His Majestic to take command of the Moonset Valley. Who are you?” Ji Fengyan grinned at Lu Shaoqing.

Lu Shaoqing scrutinized the young lady before him without a word. His heart sank.

How was this impetuous bunch going to lead their army?

Nevertheless, Lu Shaoqing’s face remained passive as he stepped forward. “I am Lu Shaoqing and the military advisor of the Moonset Valley army. I will be under the command of General Ji from now on.”

Terminators were automatically assigned the rank of General the minute they stepped onto the battlefield. This accelerated promotion was something most people would not be able to attain even after desperate efforts.

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