Chapter 534 - Moonset Valley (4)

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Chapter 534: Moonset Valley (4)

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“So you are the military advisor. It’s an honor to meet you at last.” Ji Fengyan smiled politely. This Lu Shaoqing would be her right-hand man from now on, and it was natural that she be courteous towards him.

Lu Shaoqing maintained a placid expression while standing passively at the side. He looked over the whole gang brought along by Ji Fengyan—his face paled at what he saw.

Apart from Linghe and a few other sturdy-looking men, there were Liu Huo, Bai Ze and Xiao Tianquan—all of whom looked like they didn’t belong at an army camp.

This scene was witnessed not just by Lu Shaoqing but also the soldiers at the side.

They already held reservations about Ji Fengyan’s age. Now looking at the pets and playmates that Ji Fengyan had brought along, they couldn’t help but shake their heads in secret.

She was obviously here to play house and completely unprepared for battle!

“Everything at the camp has been prepared. Would General kindly proceed.” Lu Shaoqing held back his true feelings and spoke in a bland manner.

Ji Fengyan nodded and led her gang toward the camp.

The barracks looked rather empty. Several soldiers were summoned over by Lu Shaoqing to be introduced to Ji Fengyan. He then escorted her to the Terminator’s tent.

The other tents in the campgrounds were plain and no-frills, whereas the Terminator’s tent was comparatively luxurious-looking. Just going by size alone – the Terminator’s tent was a good 50-60 hectares. The interior was even more lavish.

“General, please take a rest first. The new soldiers are still at their battle practice and have yet to return. I will bring them over when they are back.” With that, Lu Shaoqing left the tent.

It was very obvious to Ji Fengyan that the Moonset Valley soldiers’ attitude towards her was very… weird.

Despite them saying all the right words and performing all the proper actions, Ji Fengyan could clearly feel their artifice and disapproval.

“It’s tough being a new official.” Ji Fengyan sighed in her tent.

Linghe had spent many years in army camps and understood this type of situation very well.

“Mistress, don’t take it to heart. They don’t know your abilities and are naturally in the dark over the happenings on the outside.”

“I should have changed my appearance before coming over.” Ji Fengyan rubbed her own chin and looked in mock seriousness at Linghe. “How about turning myself into a burly eight-meter tall hunk? Plus a couple of scars across my face?”

Linghe was not that amused by Ji Fengyan’s teasing.

“My good Mistress, don’t kid around. The soldiers already know your age and gender from His Majesty’s decree. You would have been chased out as a spy if you came here looking different.”

Ji Fengyan was just talking casually, anyway. “What’s the story behind that Lu Shaoqing?”

Although Ji Fengyan felt that everyone had treated her perfunctorily, her respect and admiration for Lu Shaoqing was genuine.

“Lu Shaoqing… he’s quite an unlucky fellow.” Knowing some of Lu Shaoqing’s history, Linghe shared the details with Ji Fengyan.

“He is rather capable but plagued by bad luck. His lack of social standing prevented him from joining a reputable army camp. Wasting his days at the Moonset Valley with no opportunity to display his talents, it’s truly a pity…”

Ji Fengyan listened carefully and gained a rather good understanding of the situation.

It was obvious that she couldn’t rely solely on her status as a Terminator if she wanted to become a true general with real control over the army.

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