Chapter 535 - The New Official Cracks the Whip Three Times (1)

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Chapter 535: The New Official Cracks the Whip Three Times (1)

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The problems that Ji Fengyan met with were not only these.

Three days later, the new army returned.

Due to the arrival of a new terminator, the Emperor specially replenished the army at the Moonset Valley with new soldiers. These soldiers were only around 20-year-old and had no battling experience, but there were quite many of them of around 10,000.

The new soldiers were sent to the Moonset Valley seven days ago and were immediately sent away by the Lu Shaoqing for training.

This day when they returned, Lu Shaoqing also invited Ji Fengyan out to meet the new soldiers.


When Ji Fengyan saw these 10,000 miserable looking new soldiers, she could feel her heart bleeding…

All these young and immature looking faces stood dazedly in front of her but their gazes were all focused on Lu Shaoqing. It was obvious that these new soldiers had greater trust in the experienced Lu Shaoqing than Ji Fengyan,who was even younger than them.

Lu Shaoqing introduced Ji Fengyan in front of them. When they said "Greetings to General", their voice lacked energy and was not united.

It was difficult for Ji Fengyan to be a general.

"May I know what other orders general have?" Lu Shaoqing looked at Ji Fengyan and asked only symbolically.

Who knew that…

Ji Fengyan took a step forward and gave the first order she had since she entered the camp to the soldiers.

"Now, I will give you all one day to change your current attitude. From the next day when the sun rises, you all have to be at the martial arts arena. If anyone is not there, he will be punished by the military rules." Ji Fengyan gave the command efficiently.

The new soldiers were all stunned. They did not have the awareness to follow Ji Fengyan's commands and instinctively looked at Lu Shaoqing. Lu Shaoqing also did not understand Ji Fengyan's intentions but since she had spoken, they could not disregard her and he nodded to the soldiers.

The soldiers then accepted Ji Fengyan's task and dispersed to rest.

This was the first time that Ji Fengyan had given a command but she could clearly feel the awkward status that she had in the army camp.

As for her command, it was uncertain how much of it the new soldiers had listened.

The next morning, Ji Fengyan wore a tough armour and walked to the martial arts arena when the sun was up.

Lu Shaoqing appeared slightly late. After seeing the slender figure in the martial arts arena, he could not help but be taken aback. He had originally thought that what Ji Fengyan said the day before was only a child's play but he did not expect Ji Fengyan to reach that early.

"Military advisor," Ji Fengyan greeted Lu Shaoqing when she saw him.

Lu Shaoqing nodded and stood at Ji Fengyan's side.

As the time that Ji Fengyan set drew closer, only a few 100 new soldiers had come to the martial arts arena. Ji Fengyan ordered Linghe to record down those who had turned up, then turned around.

"General?" Lu Shaoqing looked at Ji Fengyan's sudden action.

"Military advisor, may I trouble you to give me a tour around the camp?" Ji Fengyan smiled as she asked.

Lu Shaoqing was slightly stunned. He did not know what Ji Fengyan wanted to do and followed.

Ji Fengyan directly walked to the camp and kicked open the tentage door.

With a loud boom, the new soldiers were all awoken from their sleep. When they saw an elegant young girl appearing in their tentage, they had almost rolled off their beds.

Ji Fengyan glanced at all the new soldiers who were still sleepy and she smiled.

"Very well."

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