Chapter 536 - The New Official Cracks the Whip Three Times (2)

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Chapter 536: The New Official Cracks the Whip Three Times (2)

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The group of men that realised that the young lady before their eyes was the newly appointed general.

They hurriedly wanted to wear their clothes, but when one soldier reached for his clothes, a dark shadow suddenly whipped the back of his hand.

Pain started to spread from where he was hit. He immediately retracted his arms and there was a red whip mark left on the back of his hand.

The sound of the whip shocked everyone in the tentage. They looked dumbfounded at Ji Fengyan, who was standing at the door. A thin black whip had unknowingly appeared in Ji Fengyan’s hands.

Ji Fengyan did not care about everyone’s stunned gazes and immediately said, “all of you stand upright and stand at the passageway, and you’re not allowed to wear your clothes.”

The cold voice reached their eyes. All of them did not know what had happened, and could only scramble to their feet from the bed. They only wore their thinly layered pants and stood bare-footed on the passageway.

Ji Fengyan looked sternly at this group of terrified new soldiers and said coldly, “All of you turn around.”

These new soldiers were frightened by Ji Fengyan’s cold voice and turned their backs well-behaved, half consciously.

Lu Shaoqing looked at Ji Fengyan beside him. The frivolous smile on her face was already gone and she seemed completely different from her usual laid-back attitude during the first two days. Her eyes were exceptionally sharp and there was a wholly change in her aura.

However, as Lu Shaoqing was still puzzled by the sudden change in Ji Fengyan’s aura, she had already lifted her hand. Her five-meter long black whip had followed her action and been cast agilely across the entire passageway.

With a twist in her wrist!

The whip that was originally on the group immediately was in the air and moved like a snake. Like a lightning bolt, it quickly whipped the new soldiers who had turned to their backs at both sides of the passageway!

Smack smack smack smack!

As the sound continued in the tentage, the black whip had moved from left to right between the two rows of people and left red whip marks on the new soldiers’ back.

Feeling the extreme pain, the new soldiers started to groan.

No one had expected that Ji Fengyan would suddenly hit them and catch them unprepared!

As pain and panic crossed their minds, they had instinctively wanted to avoid the whip, but…

“Anyone who dares to avoid will have to get out of camp instantly and be removed from their military position.” There was no warmth at all in Ji Fengyan’s voice.

After she said that, no one dared to avoid the whip anymore.

Lu Shaoqing, who was standing at the side and watching Ji Fengyan’s punishment, widened his eyes in disbelief. He could not believe that this young lady was serious about what she said!

With a five-meter long whip, even Lu Shaoqing did not have the confidence to control it. However, it was fully within the control of Ji Fengyan.

The whip that had landed on the back of the new soldiers did not repeat at all. It landed from the first to last person neatly and the number of hits was shockingly the same.

After 20 whips, each area of the 24 new soldiers’ back was hit. They were in cold sweat from the pain and had flushed red faces.

Lu Shaoqing watched as Ji Fengyan kept her whip and thought that this young mistress had finally stopped her craziness.

However, Ji Fengyan turned to look at Lu Shaoqing and left him a cold sentence.

“Let’s go to the next tentage.”

Lu Shaoqing widened his eyes his disbelief. Seeing that he did not move, Ji Fengyan directly walked to the next tentage. The tentage was already surrounded by bystanders as they had all jolted awake from the miserable cries and witnessed the entire process of how the 24 people were punished!

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