Chapter 537 - The New Official Cracks the Whip Three Times (3)

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Chapter 537: The New Official Cracks the Whip Three Times (3)

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Everyone looked at the young lady who was seemingly weak as she cast her whip and hit the 24 strong new soldiers and it stunned all of them.

Ji Fengyan walked out to see the people who had gathered. Her lips curled into a cold grin and she took a quick glance before she walked towards the next tentage.

The flustered new soldiers immediately held onto Lu Shaoqing, who had followed Ji Fengyan.

“Advisor, what is going on?”

Lu Shaoqing’s brows frowned slightly as he said in a low voice, “faster head over to the martial arts arena.”

Everyone then suddenly realised that they had completely forgotten about Ji Fengyan’s command from the day before. With the reminder from Lu Shaoqing, they immediately ran to the martial arts arena.

Ji Fengyan made her way to three other tentages. The entire army camp and all the new soldiers could hear the miserable shrieks and scrambled to the martial arts arena even before Ji Fengyan could reach them.

They would not have guessed over their dead bodies that the seemingly gentle and frail young lady would be this brutal in her actions. After saying that she would follow the military rules to punish them, she did not give them any chance at all!

Within moments, the new soldiers had all gathered to the martial arts arena.

Regardless of whether they had respect for Ji Fengyan, she was still the terminator allocated by the Emperor. If she had really used the military rules to punish them as the general, there was nothing that they could do other than to endure it.

The new soldiers were beyond frightened secretly scolded Ji Fengyan a madwoman, but they no longer dared to leave the martial arts arena.

Ji Fengyan had visited four tentages in total and whipped about 100 over people. The 100 of them were carried to the martial arts arena by Zuo Nuo and the others. With their bare backs exposed, they lay on the stretchers and the whip marks were revealed to everyone else.

The sight made everyone terrified.

When Ji Fengyan returned to the martial arts arena to see that the martial arts arena that originally had few hundred people was now packed with 10,000 people. A bright smile appeared on her delicate face.

But that smile only made everyone panic.

“Now, everyone is here?” Ji Fengyan smiled as she spoke.

None of the new soldiers on the martial arts arena dared to even squeak.

“I have said that anyone who disobeys my command will be punished according to the military rules. You guys have really forgotten about it. Even though you are here, it’s too late…” Ji Fengyan lifted her chin slightly.

The new soldiers’ hearts thumped. They had hoped that they could mix themselves among the few hundred people who had followed the orders to gather at the martial arts arena. Ji Fengyan had only met them once and it was unlikely for her to recognise them all.

As the saying goes, the law does not punish the majority, isn’t it?


Their thinking was wishful.

How could Ji Fengyan not have anticipated their intentions? She immediately called Linghe and Linghe read out the names of the few hundred soldiers who had followed her orders. Those people stood at the side after their names were called. Within moments, Ji Fengyan had already identified those who had well-behaved followed her instructions.

And the remaining 10,000 new soldiers…

Nothing more had to be said.

They watched as Ji Fengyan separated them into two groups within the shortest period. And those new soldiers who had hoped to survive were completely speechless.

This little general… was born to subdue them, isn’t it!

“Zuo Nuo,” Ji Fengyan called out.

Zuo Nuo and the other guards immediately walked out and all of them had a huge bunch of leather whips in their hands.

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