Chapter 538 - The New Official Cracks the Whip Three Times (4)

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Chapter 538: The New Official Cracks the Whip Three Times (4)

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Seeing the 100 over black leather whips, everyone’s head had almost split.

A feeling of uneasiness crept up their minds.

Ji Fengyan laughed coldly as she looked at the people who were scared out of their wits. She slightly lifted her chin and Zuo Nuo immediately threw those leather whips in front of the new soldiers.

“Everyone in the first row take one whip. People on the back row take off your clothes. Everyone will have to be whipped once and then pass the whip to the next row. Repeat this 20 times until everyone is hit 20 times,” Ji Fengyan said with her brows raised.

Her words stunned all the new soldiers—then they felt as if their heads had exploded!

She was asking them to whip each other!

And to hit each other 20 times!

The new soldiers in the first row picked up the whip hesitantly. They gulped as they looked at their mates in the back row who was taking off their clothes.

“Brother, go easy on me. We are all family,” the new soldier in the back row pleaded.

The new soldier in the first row understood and signalled to each other. After all, they were hitting each other, so they knew how much strength to use.


“I forgot to remind you that the first row’s punishment will be carried out by me, and of course, it will happen after everyone’s punishment,” Ji Fengyan smiled as she looked at the new soldiers who were ready to put up a show for her.

The new soldiers in the first row were instantly stunned.

Ji Fengyan was going to personally punish them?

Then, the feeling to go easy on their fellow soldiers had completely disappeared.

Ji Fengyan was so skilled in using the whip. Wouldn’t they be seeking their own deaths for trying to pull tricks in front of her?

They were worried that they would be punished more heavily by Ji Fengyan if they had been easy, so the new soldiers on the first row could only look at their fellow soldiers with an anguished look.

“Brother, I’m sorry… Just bear with it. I don’t dare to go easy on you…”

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. “Whip!”

Instantly, the sound of the whip hitting against the flesh could be heard resounding in the martial arts arena. Along with it were the soldiers’ painful shrieks.

The new soldiers in the first row were worried that they would be hit even harder if they had been easy on their fellow soldiers, so they did not save their energy with their whipping, and had even used all their energy.

And the soldiers who were whipped hard had almost cried. But a whip would not injure them heavily and the whip had already been passed on to them, so it’s now their turn to whip the next row of people…

With the thought that they had already suffered, and no one else should be let off, the whipping became even more vicious as it was passed down.

They had all disobeyed the command and could no longer escape, so all of them made sure one another was punished and whipped hard.

And Ji Fengyan watched as they did so.

Lu Shaoqing had never seen such a method of administering the military punishment. He had originally thought that even if Ji Fengyan was skilled in using the whip; it was impossible for her to hit all 10,000 of those who had disobeyed her. Who would have expected that… Ji Fengyan would actually use such a method?

This was a method that Lu Shaoqing had never even thought of.

Seeing the whip flung wildly in the air and the ear piercing screams, Lu Shaoqing could not help but jerked his mouth.

It was the first time that he had known such a convenient way of large-scale military punishment.

The 10,000 soldiers continued to hit each other and it repeated one cycle after another…

Lu Shaoqing watched as this continued and frowned uncontrollably. Many of the new soldiers had already started to scream for “Lu advisor” to save them.

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