Chapter 539 - The New Official Cracks the Whip Three Times (5)

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Chapter 539: The New Official Cracks the Whip Three Times (5)

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These new soldiers should be punished for disobeying Ji Fengyan’s commands, but… it was really too much for it to punish so many.

Lu Shaoqing could not hold it in any longer and turned to say to Ji Fengyan, “General, as the saying goes, the law does not punish the majority. They had been training for many days before this and may be too fatigued, which is why they may be late today. Please forgive them this time, they already know their mistake.”

Ji Fengyan glanced at Lu Shaoqing nonchalantly.

“The law does not punish the majority?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly.

With Ji Fengyan glancing at him like this, even Lu Shaoqing felt tense.

Ji Fengyan laughed softly, then turned to the new soldiers who were being punished. She lifted her hands, then pointed to the new soldiers who were crying, “Advisor Lu, tell me, who are they?”

Lu Shaoqing was slightly taken aback. “They are soldiers.”

Ji Fengyan continued, “Why are they here?”

Lu Shaoqing’s gaze changed, “To fight against the demon clan and protect our land.”

Ji Fengyan laughed, “then tell me, if they were to meet with a demon clan now, what are the chances of their victory? Or let me change my question, what are the chances of them surviving?”

Lu Shaoqing’s heart froze. Seeing the new soldiers who were still immature, it felt as if there was a rock weighing down on him.



There was no chance of them surviving.

The demons invading the borders were exceptionally vicious and their quantity was large. With them being so sly, even the soldiers who had been through 100 battles might not even be their match, much less a bunch of new soldiers.

Ji Fengyan lowered her hands and said slowly, “Advisor Lu, I know that you guys don’t think that I am a capable general because I am too young.”

Lu Shaoqing’s face turned pale.

But Ji Fengyan continued, “It doesn’t matter. I don’t care about what you think about me. But there is one thing I need you and all the soldiers at the Moonset Valley to be clear about.”

Ji Fengyan looked straight at Lu Shaoqing’s eyes, “I am the highest-ranked official at Moonset Valley. On the battlefield, anything can change within seconds. Before I die in battle, you all have to obey my commands. If they defeat us, it is because of my inability. If we are victorious, the glory belongs to all of us. A fighter can die in battle, but they should not lose their lives because of their sluggishness. The Moonset Valley had already encountered an ambush once, can Advisor Lu predict when the next ambush will be? Will it be when these new soldiers had already stopped their immature thoughts and after they had trained well, or will it be when they have lowered their guards and been caught unprepared?”

Every word and sentence that Ji Fengyan was full of resolute when it reached Lu Shaoqing. He could not believe that it came from such a young girl like her.

“Advisor Lu, they have to be punished with these 20 whips today. If anyone of them disobeys the rules, I will punish them according to the military rules. Including myself and other people that I have brought, they can leave if they cannot bear with it. I won’t stop them.” After Ji Fengyan said that, she turned around and did not care about Lu Shaoqing’s response.

Lu Shaoqing looked dazedly at Ji Fengyan’s serious side view. In that moment, it was as if he had forgotten this young girl’s age.

After the punishment of 20 whips ended, all the new soldiers were gritting their teeth in pain but they did not dare to move and stood in their positions. Ji Fengyan walked down the platform and carried out the punishment for the first row of soldiers.

And this time, Lu Shaoqing ignored the countless begging eyes. He lifted his head up with determination as he watched Ji Fengyan carry out the final punishment.

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