Chapter 540 - New Soldiers (1)

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Chapter 540: New Soldiers (1)

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After the whipping, the bunch of new soldiers remained well-behaved. Despite the teeth-gnashing agony and their urge to just collapse groaning on the floor, none of them dared to move an inch without Ji Fengyan’s permission. Everyone bore the intense pain with miserable expressions and stood crookedly at the martial arts arena.

Ji Fengyan looked satisfactorily at the red-faced rookies. “Let this be a lesson to you all. You will listen to my orders as long as you are under me. I will deal with all offenders with according to military law.”

The crowd looked at Ji Fengyan. She was clearly just a 15-year-old young girl but spoke like a tyrant.

The new soldiers were full of bitterness but dared not say a word. They could only nod compliantly.

The punishment had been doled out and the example made. Ji Fengyan allowed the group to disperse and gave them three days to recuperate, after which they would need to continue reporting to the martial arts arena.

This time, no one dared to disregard Ji Fengyan’s command.

They understood clearly now that regardless of Ji Fengyan’s age – she was the top dog at the Moonset Valley army camp…

Even Lu Shaoqing was helpless when she turned serious.

The new soldiers groaned in pain as they left. Lu Shaoqing turned towards Ji Fengyan. “General Ji, would three days… be enough for them to recover?”

Ji Fengyan glanced at Lu Shaoqing. “Why wouldn’t it be enough?”

The corners of Lu Shaoqing’s mouth twisted. The open lacerations would need at least a couple of weeks to heal. How could a mere three days be adequate? Nevertheless, recalling Ji Fengyan’s earlier words, Lu Shaoqing remained silent.

Almost everyone felt that Ji Fengyan was giving them only three days just to purposely make things difficult for them.

After witnessing how thoroughly Ji Fengyan punished the bunch of rookies, even the veteran soldiers couldn’t help but shudder. They never imagined that the easy-going Ji Fengyan would really take charge of the camp from now on.

They were lucky to have escaped the whipping this time, just because they were old-timers.

The army camp was peaceful over the next three days. Apart from the few hundred rule-abiding new soldiers, the rest of the newbies laid moaning on their beds.

Everyone believed that the wounds on their backs would never be healed in three days, but…

The open flesh wounds had quickly sealed back up, leaving only a lingering ache and itchiness—signs of a near-recovery.

Three days later…

The wounds of over ten thousand men had really been healed!

There was just one thing. Although the wounds had mended, scores of light scars were left behind. However, the backs of about a hundred men were as smooth as can be after recovery. This astonishing fact was discovered after they gathered together to discuss and compare.

Lacerations caused by Ji Fengyan’s whipping did not leave a single scar. Instead, those inflicted by the new soldiers on one and another had left those superficial marks…

If only they had been whipped by General Ji instead…

With the miraculous speed of recovery, no one dared to slack off. On the fourth morning, they swiftly got up and gathered inside the martial arts arena.

Ji Fengyan had been waiting at the martial arts arena since early in the morning. She nodded with satisfaction on seeing the new troops all present and accounted for.

Following that, she said, “Looks like you all have learned the rules.”

No one moved.

“Very good. Now we can begin your formal training.” Ji Fengyan said.

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