Chapter 541 - New Soldiers (2)

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Chapter 541: New Soldiers (2)

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It stunned the gathering people. Even after being whipped by Ji Fengyan and realizing that defiance against her would not be tolerated, but…

They really couldn’t imagine just what kind of training method could this youngster come up with.

Nevertheless, everyone was dumbstruck after Ji Fengyan had Linghe lay out her training plans for them.

They were to begin every morning with a 20-kilometer sprint. They would spend afternoons undergoing battle practice, while carrying surprise night trainings out at random.

Only breakfast and lunch would be provided every day and would only comprise raw beef. Dinner was to be settled on one’s own—no one would be allowed to touch the food supply in camp.


Everyone was in a daze after hearing all that.

She must be joking?

They could still understand the training program. But… only two meals provided? And only raw meat?

Making a radical change to their diet while subjecting them to such an intense training regimen.

This time…

All the new soldiers were stunned.

Lu Shaoqing was likewise confounded. He felt that Ji Fengyan’s training program was still reasonable, but dietary-wise… it was totally beyond comprehension.

It should be pointed out that the borders had turned into extreme danger zones following the relentless demon attacks. The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon desperately needed soldiers for the border army, and anyone willing to join was instantly recognized as a valuable resource. As a result, the border armies enjoyed the best of the military rations. Rice, noodles, vegetables and meat were in abundant supply; all to provide everyone a good meal so that they had enough energy to defend against the demons.

No one had expected Ji Fengyan to carry out something like this.

Lu Shaoqing instinctively wanted to discuss this with Ji Fengyan. He could still tolerate the part about having only raw meat, but to remove dinner…

Cutting down the food supply of the soldiers so drastically; how could the troops be expected to handle the daily high intensity training without having sufficient sustenance?

Nevertheless, when Lu Shaoqing looked at Ji Fengyan’s profile, he knew… she would not change her mind no matter what he said.

The new soldiers railed while the veterans muttered amongst themselves about how this new General was just messing around. Meanwhile, a good number of people couldn’t wait to witness the tormented faces of those who had to undergo Ji Fengyan’s harsh new training regime.

Regardless of what everyone else thought, Ji Fengyan’s plan was going to be carried out.

In fact, it would start that very day.

Having not had their breakfast yet, the soldiers were led to the canteen. A large plateful of bloody beef was placed before each person.

Fresh blood seeped out of the marbled beef, making the rookies feel completely nauseated.

The minutes ticked by, but no one dared to start eating.

Ji Fengyan led Linghe and the rest into the canteen. She sat at her reserved spot and grinned at the pale faces of the new soldiers.

“Why are you all not eating?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows.

At her urging, the group had no choice but to start. Who knew if Ji Fengyan would take it as an act of insubordination and give them another round of whipping if they didn’t.

Some new soldiers bravely took up the wet and slimy beef. Looking at the fresh blood dribbling down their fingers and inhaling the pungent scent of blood, they nearly puked before even taking a bite.

One of them squeezed his eyes shut and held his breath as he bit down on the beef.

The strong taste of blood filled his mouth with that one bite. It was an effort to chew that sinewy beef, the chewing motions spreading the fresh blood all over.

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