Chapter 574 - Sowing Discord (1)

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Chapter 574: Sowing Discord (1)

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The middle-aged man who was leading in front looked at Ji Fengyan, and suddenly said politely, “I am the Deputy General of the Green Nightmare Army and with the special command from the general, I am here to fetch our vanguard back.”

“Fetch him?” Ji Fengyan scoffed. “You’re right, you can bring him back.”

The expression on the Deputy General’s face eased slightly and his eyes smiled.

No one had imagined that the Deputy General of the Green Nightmare Army would appear here. The Deputy General was only second to the General and his status could not be compared to any ordinary person.


“After the execution, you can bring back his body,” Ji Fengyan said with a slight grin on her face.

After she said that, the Deputy General’s face immediately turned unpleasant. He frowned his brows and looked at Ji Fengyan with a grim expression.

Ji Fengyan did not care about his grim look and directly told Linghe, “carry on with the execution.”

The vanguard of the Green Nightmare Army had originally thought that his life would be cut short. When he finally saw the arrival of the Deputy General, he thought that he had a slim chance of survival, but… Ji Fengyan would still continue with the execution. At that moment, he screamed fearlessly, “Deputy General, save me!”

“Hold up!” the Deputy General immediately opened his mouth to speak. He had never thought that Ji Fengyan would not show respect for him. As the Deputy General of the Green Nightmare Army, he had already led his men to her camp and yet Ji Fengyan did not seem to change her mind.

Ji Fengyan glanced coldly at him, “you’re the Deputy General of the Green Nightmare Army, is it? This is the Moonset Valley, which is under my control, and there is no right for you to be speaking here.”

The Deputy General’s face ashened instantly. In all the armies from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, there was no one who dared to look down upon the Green Nightmare Army. Even though he was not a terminator, he had an important status in the Green Nightmare Army. Even if he was in other camps, the other terminators would also give in to him, who would have expected that… Ji Fengyan had completely disregarded him.

The Deputy General’s face darkened. He looked at the unrelenting Ji Fengyan and intoned, “General Ji, this man should be punished for being this rude but as he is from the Green Nightmare Army, please hand him over to us for punishment so as to not trouble General Ji.”

Hand him over for punishment by the Green Nightmare Army?

Ji Fengyan almost wanted to laugh out loud. Did they think that she was dumb?

“It’s not troublesome at all, it’s just a simple thing,” Ji Fengyan responded with little effort.

The Deputy General frowned slightly. Looking at Ji Fengyan who did not compromise regardless of the method used, his expression turned nasty and he glanced at the vanguard. That man was still trying with all his might to plead for help. The Deputy General clenched his teeth and straightened his body when he turned to look at Ji Fengyan.

“Now that General Ji is already a general leading an army, if you were to abuse your power to settle your personal grudges, wouldn’t it be difficult for you to earn the respect of the remaining people?”

The instant the Deputy General said that, all the surrounding soldiers were taken aback.

And Lu Shaoqing, who had already understood the Green Nightmare Army’s hidden intentions from the letter, was even more stunned.

Ji Fengyan and the Green Nightmare Army had trifle before? What had exactly happened?

The Deputy General saw that everyone was filled with confusion and his lips could not help but grin. Seeing the young-looking Ji Fengyan in front of him, he said, “General Ji, we are regretful for what had happened to your father, but on the battlefield, we cannot guarantee anyone’s survival. Are you blaming the Green Nightmare Army for your father’s death and are trying to take revenge? I’m afraid that it won’t be appropriate.”

The Deputy General was ambiguous with his words, but this ambiguity was a result of his scheming and vicious thoughts.

Ji Fengyan was young and had only just arrived at the camp, so it was likely that the army had yet to believe in her capabilities. If he had made everyone think that Ji Fengyan had opposed the strong Green Nightmare Army out of a personal grudge, it would likely make the soldiers’ morale to be unstable.

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