Chapter 576 - Sowing Discord (3)

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Chapter 576: Sowing Discord (3)

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The relative of the Green Nightmare Army’s General?

The Deputy Generals’ words stunned everyone. No wonder this low ranked vanguard had such an arrogant attitude and before his execution, even the Deputy General had to personally bring his men to save him.

“The General had always thought highly of this man. If anything were to happen to him, I’m afraid that the General will have a hard time accepting it…” the Deputy General pretended to say regretfully but his words were like heavy rocks weighing down on everyone’s hearts.

With this, anyone who had killed the Green Nightmare Army’s vanguard was bound to attract revenge by the Green Nightmare Army. The swinging of the sword might seem to only cost a person’s life, but in actual fact…

Everyone could not help but feel suppressed. Ultimately, no one had dared to oppose the Green Nightmare Army for fear of revenge from them.

Even Linghe, who was supposed to execute the punishment, was a little hesitant.

He had no qualms about revenging for Ji Yun, but…

Ji Fengyan had just entered the army and the soldiers at the Moonset Valley were all still training. Not just their battling abilities, the Green Nightmare Army greatly outnumbered even their soldiers. If they were to insist on killing the vanguard, the Green Nightmare Army was undoubtedly not going to let them off, and this would bring huge trouble to Ji Fengyan.

Linghe started to hesitate.

He slowly put down the knife that he had raised up high. Even if he was determined to avenge for Ji Yun, he also did not want to implicate Ji Fengyan.

“General…” Linghe clenched his fist and looked at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan did not have any expression on her face, so no one could tell what she was thinking.

Seeing the dead silence, the Deputy General instantly grinned coldly. He pretended to say casually, “seems like General Ji is a kind person who does not want our General to suffer the pain of losing a relative. Someone, come and bring him back… This matter is only a misunderstanding. The Green Nightmare Army would definitely be grateful towards General Ji for her kindness.”

As he said, a few Green Nightmare Army soldiers behind the Deputy General walked towards the vanguard who was punished.

The vanguard gave a huge sigh of relief after knowing that he was saved. Then he immediately stared viciously at Linghe.

“You’re called Linghe? You’d better wait!” He had not forgotten how he had been tortured and shamed by Linghe and the rest that day.

Linghe said expressionlessly, “I’ll wait. If you have the capability, just come at me.”

The vanguard said ferociously, “See if I’ll torture you to your death in the future!”

The Green Nightmare Army soldiers had already reached the side of the vanguard and was about to release him from his chains.


Just when everyone thought that it was over, Ji Fengyan suddenly moved from her chair!

Her figure flashed past everyone’s eyes like a light ray that was so fast that no one had noticed.

Within an instant, her body had suddenly appeared at the side of the vanguard. Before anyone could react, they saw Ji Fengyan take away the execution knife from Linghe’s hands and swung it at the vanguard’s waist!


In a blink of an eye, fresh red blood spurted out from that man’s waist in all directions and was burning hot. It was only such a short instant, but that person had actually been cut into half!

An ear-piercing shriek came out from that person’s mouth. After being cut, a person would not die instantly and would only experience the torturous pain!

No one had thought that Ji Fengyan would suddenly do it. The Deputy General, who originally thought that the matter had ended, watched as the vanguard was sliced into half and his face darkened instantly!

Ji Fengyan watched upon coldly as fresh blood gushed out before her eyes. Her lips curled into a grin as she turned to look at the Deputy General, who had an unpleasant look.

“You can bring him back now.”

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