Chapter 578 - Have A Couple of Lashes Before Leaving? (2)

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Chapter 578: Have A Couple of Lashes Before Leaving? (2)

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No wonder the Green Nightmare Army had suddenly appeared at the execution ground. They had actually beat up the sentries and broke in by force!

Breaking into another army camp and beating up other soldiers – the Green Nightmare Army certainly had the nerve!

The Deputy General’s face didn’t exhibit the least bit of remorse. He said casually, “All this happened so suddenly and we were overly eager to save our own—as a result we injured your men in error. We hope General will forgive us.”

He was asking for forgiveness but his face displayed not the slightest bit of contrition.

Many soldiers were turned off by that imperious attitude.

The moment that Deputy General finished his words, those injured sentries were carried before Ji Fengyan.

Everyone was in an uproar on seeing them!

A total of six soldiers were on guard duty that day—two veterans and four newbies.

At this moment, all six of them were lying on stretchers. They were full of injuries, barely conscious and breathing weakly. Their armour had sustained heavy damage and stained all over with blood.

No one had thought these six guys could have been injured so badly!

How could this be a misunderstanding?

The gathering of Moonset Valley soldiers nearly attacked those Green Nightmare Army troops on seeing those six injured men!

This was clearly a vicious attack done on purpose!

No one had suffered such heavy wounds from the earlier demon attack because of Ji Fengyan’s protection. Who could have expected that they would then be so seriously injured by their very own side!

“Gen… General…” One of the veteran soldiers was still conscious as he fought to open his eyes, which were full of guilt and self-blame. Looking at Ji Fengyan, he said with much effort, “I… was useless… unable… to stop them…”

His words were barely legible and he vomited fresh blood after speaking.

Seeing the terrible state of her six men, Ji Fengyan’s face darkened. She immediately had Linghe and the rest carry them off for medical treatment.

The Moonset Valley soldiers were all looking at the Green Nightmare Army with enmity.

Although the Moonset Valley troops didn’t have the many battle achievements of the Green Nightmare Army – there were strong bonds forged among the surviving veteran soldiers from their years together. The rookies had also received much guidance and support from those old-timers.

Now, seeing their own brothers-in-arms wounded so badly, their hearts were filled with an intense hatred. From this point onwards, they had absolutely no problem with Ji Fengyan executing anyone from the Green Nightmare Army. This bunch of wanton and arrogant people deserved such punishment.

Whereas others dared not offend the Green Nightmare Army, their General would!

Everyone focused their attention on Ji Fengyan. They were all waiting for her command.

Ji Fengyan’s expression flickered as she cast a sweeping glance across the Green Nightmare Army.

The Deputy General put on a calm front. “We were too eager to save our own and mistakenly injured your men.”

Ji Fengyan smirked. “Do you think you can get away with wounding my men just by saying this was a mistake? I am not that good-tempered! Hand over those soldiers who beat up my guys. Otherwise, don’t even think about leaving this place!”

At Ji Fengyan’s words, her surrounding soldiers automatically blocked off the exit route of the Green Nightmare Army!

[Mini theatre]

Little crazy brat: You look half-dead.

Mou Bei: I feel like I am about to die…

Little crazy brat: ??

Mou Bei: TAT, I feel dizzy, unable to write…

Little crazy brat: Why don’t I prescribe you some medicine?

Mou Bei: Prescribe an elixir that will enhance my writing powers by a hundred.

Little crazy brat: Sure, give me a hundred dragon hearts.

Mou Bei: I don’t have a hundred. But you can take this ancient dragon’s.

The ancient dragon covered his chest: What are you trying to do? I am still a kid!!!

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