Chapter 579 - Have A Couple of Lashes Before Leaving? (3)

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Chapter 579: Have A Couple of Lashes Before Leaving? (3)

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The Deputy General’s face instantly turned a sickly green. He looked incredulously at Ji Fengyan.

“General Ji, what do you mean?” The Deputy General looked gravely at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan laughed coldly. “What do I mean? It’s very simple. An eye for an eye, a life for a life! You guys beat up six of my men. If you don’t hand over the offenders, I have no choice but to mete out the punishment on all of you.”

The Deputy General looked grim. Ji Fengyan wanted to punish all of them.

The Green Nightmare Army had never been subjected to such abuse before!

“General Ji! You should know when to stop! Do you really want to make an enemy of the Green Nightmare Army?”

“What a joke!” Ji Fengyan stared frostily at the Deputy General. “We are all soldiers under the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon—why are you talking about being enemies? I just want to seek justice for my soldiers.”

“If I don’t hand them over?” The Deputy General asked.

Ji Fengyan kept silent and raised her hand. Her surrounding soldiers instantly stepped forth—their intense energy was obvious.

The Green Nightmare Army had only about a hundred men, while Moonset Valley troops numbered over ten thousand. As skillful as they were, it would be impossible for the Green Nightmare Army to win this battle.

The heart of the Deputy General sank.

It appeared that Ji Fengyan didn’t intend to let them off so easily.


There was no way he could hand over the offenders.

He had given the order to break into the camp. If he handed over the soldiers who had just been following orders – it would be an utter embarrassment for the Green Nightmare Army.

“General Ji, I am willing to apologize for our mistake. I appeal to General Ji to be magnanimous and forgive us this incident. The Green Nightmare Army would remember this favor.” The Deputy General took a deep breath as he softened his tone.


“Apologize? If apologies worked, there wouldn’t be a need for soldiers in the first place? Leave the offenders behind today, or…” Ji Fengyan suddenly brandished a long, slender whip and cracked it in the air. The snapping sound crackled through the air.

“I have no choice but to treat everyone fairly then.”

Seeing the long whip in Ji Fengyan’s hands, the hearts of the Moonset Valley soldiers jumped involuntarily. That whip had given them much pain and agony. Nevertheless, they remained calm knowing that the Green Nightmare Army were the ones who would be punished today.

Chopping the Green Nightmare Army vanguard in half was Ji Fengyan’s personal agenda. Whereas restraining the Green Nightmare Army was to seek justice for those injured soldiers.

Going against the mighty Green Nightmare Army just for those six soldiers—Ji Fengyan’s toughness stirred the hearts of the Moonset Valley army!

Such a great general, how could they not be willing to follow her all the way?

The Deputy General’s face turned completely black on seeing the huge crowd of soldiers surrounding them and Ji Fengyan’s long whip.

He thought that by coming here in person, it would have been an easy matter to retrieve his man. Never had he expected to end up in such dire straits.

This was something the Green Nightmare Army’s Deputy General could never have even dreamed of.

This Ji Fengyan obviously disregarded the Green Nightmare Army’s exalted status. Executing and punishing as she deemed fit—she had completely suppressed the Green Nightmare Army’s brazen attitude.

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