Chapter 581 - Have A Couple of Lashes Before Leaving? (5)

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Chapter 581: Have A Couple of Lashes Before Leaving? (5)

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The Deputy General looked grim. He could feel the panic and unease of his own men behind him. This state of mind was something that had never happened to the Green Nightmare Army.

He realized Ji Fengyan wanted them to stay back on purpose to witness this.

An absolute and humiliating defeat…

Ji Fengyan obviously wanted to destroy the Green Nightmare Army’s sense of dignity and superiority that they had built up over so many years.

The dozen over Green Nightmare Army soldiers were lashed fifty times in front of everyone.

Ji Fengyan’s whipping had been executed with calculated skill. Doling out maximum pain while keeping them conscious. They had felt every one of those fifty lashes. Despite their backs having been completely torn open and their uncontrollable spasms—no one fainted.

It could be said that Ji Fengyan’s earlier whipping of the rookie soldiers had been measured and not intended to cause serious harm. This time… she was not so kind.

After the whipping ended, those dozens over grown men were collapsed half-dead on the ground. Unable to utter even a single sound, their faces were covered in tears and snot.

Where was the bravado of the Green Nightmare Army?

“Now, you all may leave.” Ji Fengyan kept her whip and grinned at the ashen-faced Green Nightmare Army Deputy General.

The Deputy General was clenching his fists tightly and had nearly ground his teeth to dust. Nevertheless, he could only swallow his anger and have his men carry off those half-dead soldiers.

“Farewell.” He bade Ji Fengyan a stiff goodbye and left immediately.

Even though they were free to leave now, he would never be able to wipe away the painful memory of their total humiliation that day.

The mighty name of the Green Nightmare Army had been used to sweep the floor today.

After the Green Nightmare Army troops had departed, cheers erupted within the Moonset Valley camp.

“Lord General was so awesome!”

The way Ji Fengyan had stood up for them had left the soldiers feeling entirely satisfied.

That idiot Green Nightmare Army only knew how to bully others. Now, haven’t they been taught a thorough lesson?

Ji Fengyan couldn’t help chuckling as she watched the cheering crowd. Meanwhile, Lu Shaoqing was startled by the soldiers’ reaction.

From beginning till the end, Lu Shaoqing had felt Ji Fengyan’s actions were too extreme. He was very uncomfortable with her harsh attitude towards the Green Nightmare Army.


Lu Shaoqing only realized now.

They were a newly-rebuilt army troop. If Ji Fengyan had acted submissively when faced with the Green Nightmare Army, there was no way their own troops could ever hold their heads up ever again.

The strong bravado exhibited by Ji Fengyan had infected the entire camp.

Lu Shaoqing watched the crowd’s exhilarated rallying. They had not panicked when pitted against the Green Nightmare Army—that surging emotion burned in everyone’s hearts.

This was the powerful vigor Ji Fengyan had imbued in them right from the start.

And this vigor would be carried onto the battlefield in the future.

“Stop dallying around. Those who have training—continue with the program. The rest of you quickly go seal up that cave. Otherwise, you will suffer a beating from me.” Ji Fengyan waved her whip with mock seriousness. Nevertheless, none of the soldiers were scared. Everyone nodded with smiles on their faces and then ran off to their various tasks.

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