Chapter 582 - A Gathering Of Three Armies (1)

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Chapter 582: A Gathering Of Three Armies (1)

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After the Green Nightmare Army had slunk away with their tail between their legs, Ji Fengyan looked for Lu Shaoqing. She had beaten them, but she needed to know why the Green Nightmare Army had come so near Moonset Valley.

Lu Shaoqing told her that the Green Nightmare Army had originally been stationed more than a hundred li from Moonset Valley. For some reason, they had suddenly moved here. When Lu Shaoqing had first seen the men from the Green Nightmare Army, he had been surprised.

“The Green Nightmare Army is the best army in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Perhaps the Emperor himself gave the order, or perhaps they had something important to deal with.” Liu Shaoqing was also uncertain.

When Ji Fengyan had heard all Liu Shaoqing had to say, she narrowed her eyes slightly.

There was bad blood between the Green Nightmare Army and the original owner of the body. When she had just been ordered to Moonset Valley, the Green Nightmare Army had followed. Was this coincidence, or… had someone arranged it?

Ji Fengyan’s eyes narrowed. The Eldest Princess had plotted to force her onto the battlefield, so the situation was definitely not that simple. She was afraid that… the Eldest Princess definitely had something to do with the arrival of the Green Nightmare Army.

Once the matter with the Green Nightmare Army was settled, the soldiers in Moonset Valley began their usual training. The exit of the cave had been blocked and Ji Fengyan added an exercise to the soldiers’ daily training, which was inside the cave.

The chaos caused by the darkness caused the soldiers much suffering, but no one complained at all.

Just one thing… aroused everyone’s curiosity.

In addition to their training, every night, Ji Fengyan made them sit cross-legged despite their exhaustion and taught them a strange set of phrases. She made them close their eyes, sit cross-legged, and recite them inwardly.

The morale of the soldiers in Ji Fengyan’s army grew higher every day. No one questioned her actions, but seriously obeyed her and practiced daily.

Once night fell, one could see ashen soldiers in every tent cross their hairy legs and sit as steadily as mountains. They did not even bother to rest or wash first.

Linghe and the others had experienced this before and when they saw the soldiers’ earnest expressions, they could not help but feel like laughing. For now, these soldiers might not understand Ji Fengyan’s intentions, but Linghe and the others knew very well that Ji Fengyan was treating them like her own.

The days passed. Lu Shaoqing worried continually that the Green Nightmare Army would make things difficult for them. But ever since the Green Nightmare Army’s second-in-command left, there had been no news from the Green Nightmare Army.

After half a month, Lu Shaoqing had not guessed the Green Nightmare Army’s intentions. However, the Emperor’s decree suddenly arrived at Moonset Valley.

This decree immediately stirred up unrest.

The Emperor had named the army under Ji Fengyan’s command as the “Wolf Smoke Regiment”, with the name including the last syllable of Ji Fengyan’s name. Once the name was announced, all the soldiers in Moonset Valley rejoiced.

Ordinary armies were seldom named. Only those which had achieved a major victory would have this honor.

This exception made everyone rejoice. Once the news was announced, the soldiers began to fervently discuss what emblem they should have on their flag.


Before they had finished digesting the good news, another decree followed closely. This reduced everyone’s joy.

The Emperor decreed that three days after receiving the decree, the Wolf Smoke Regiment should advance on the Plain of Corpses in the east. There, they would meet with two other armies and coordinate their attack on the Demon Clan.

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