Chapter 583 - A Gathering Of Three Armies (2)

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Chapter 583: A Gathering Of Three Armies (2)

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This was good news, but unfortunately…

This was the Wolf Smoke Regiment’s first foray into battle, and one of the allied armies was the Green Nightmare Army, which Ji Fengyan had recently beaten…

Now they could not laugh.

“Ally with the Green Nightmare Army? What kind of joke is this?”

The soldiers, who had just been named the Wolf Smoke Regiment, were disbelieving.

The Green Nightmare Army was the most hostile army in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. They numbered more than one hundred and fifty thousand. All the battles that the Green Nightmare Army took part in were tragic ones, and their campaigns were the most cruel among the armies.

The Wolf Smoke Regiment had not been established for a month, and a large proportion of its soldiers were new soldiers who had never been on the battlefield. Their numbers were just one-tenth of that the Green Nightmare Army. They did not even have enough leaders.

It was unbelievable that these two armies, which differed vastly in strength, could be allies.

Besides the Green Nightmare Army and the Wolf Smoke Regiment, the other army they were allied with was an army that was frequently victorious in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. It also numbered ten thousand.

The newly established Wolf Smoke Army would be stuck between two colossal entities. No matter how one looked at it, it was inconceivable.

Lu Shaoqing’s brows had not unfurrowed since he received the decree. He repeatedly read the decree the Emperor had personally written, but still did not understand the Emperor’s intentions.

“General… there’s something fishy… about this.” Lu Shaoqing could not figure it out after much thought and had no choice but to discuss it with Ji Fengyan.

“Oh?” Ji Fengyan had not had any particular reaction to the news.

“The Green Nightmare Army and the Blaze Army are the best armies in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. The fighting strength of the Wolf Smoke Regiment is incomparable to the other two armies. It is very strange that the Emperor asked us to be allies.” Lu Shaoqing frowned slightly. He was silent for a moment before he said, “Is the Green Nightmare Army up to something? Did they not react to the previous matter because they had this planned all along?”

Lu Shaoqing was filled with worry. The Green Nightmare Army was famous and had many soldiers. However… as a veteran of many years, Lu Shaoqing knew plenty that was not general knowledge.

The Green Nightmare Army had not always been so big, but its numbers had grown after each campaign. A large part of this was because of the fighting ability of the Green Nightmare Army’s general. But part of the reason… was rather dark.

In the beginning, when the Green Nightmare Army was a small fighting force, it had frequently allied with other armies of the same size. However, in almost every battle, the allied forces would suffer tragic losses and then the Green Nightmare Army would furiously turn the tide. There were almost no exceptions to this situation. It was as if every army allied with the Green Nightmare Army would experience a tragic fight, then in the end, the Green Nightmare Army would retaliate fiercely and defeat the enemy.

After the allied forces had suffered great losses, the Green Nightmare Army would win the glory. After many military achievements, they had forced their way to the lofty status that they now held.

Outsiders were unaware of what really happened behind the scenes.

Ji Fengyan looked at Lu Shaoqing’s worried face and said calmly, “Since the Emperor has already given his decree, there can be no turning back. Rather than worry about the Green Nightmare Army’s petty tricks, why not reorganize the army? This will be the Wolf Smoke Regiment’s first battle. No matter what, we should do a good job.”

Lu Shaoqing was slightly taken aback, but could only smile wryly and agree.

How was the Wolf Smoke Regiment supposed to survive under these two colossal armies?

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