Chapter 584 - A Gathering Of Three Armies (3)

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Chapter 584: A Gathering Of Three Armies (3)

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The demons had overtaken the Plain of Corpses from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragons. To regain that territory, the Kingdom had battled against the demons for three years before finally recovering part of the land. Countless soldiers had been sacrificed in that lengthy battle. In the end, they had no choice but to halt their military campaign temporarily so they could recoup from their losses. That bloody war had left numerous white bones. Because of the demons occupying that area, they were unable to retrieve the bodies of their men. Hundreds of thousands of corpses were piled on the plains and subjected to the elements. Flesh had been eroded to leave behind pure white bones which were then covered by dirt and sand. This was how the Plain of Corpses had gotten its name.

The Moonset Valley was not that near the Plain of Corpses. After receiving the news, the Wolf Smoke Regiment had immediately set off and traveled for ten days before finally arriving at the nearest camp to the Plain of Corpses.

From afar, one could see a mass of tents on the sand dunes beyond the Plain of Corpses. Of the three armies gathered here for battle, two possessed the greatest combat power in the entire Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. One could imagine just how magnificent those armies looked with their staggering numbers and mighty energy.

Before setting off, Ji Fengyan had the ancient dragon stay on at the Moonset Valley as well as a hundred sentries to guard the place.

With a 10,000-strong Wolf Smoke Regiment in tow, Ji Fengyan arrived at the gathering of the three armies.

Over a hundred soldiers guarded the main gates of the massive army camp. They subjected Ji Fengyan and company to a thorough interrogation before allowing them to enter.

Once inside, the Wolf Smoke Regiment was immediately infected by the atmosphere of the three-army camp.

Soldiers wearing the armour of the Green Nightmare Army and the Blaze Army could be seen all over the camp full of a murderous aura. The two armies had settled down on the two opposite sides of the camp. The Green Nightmare Army’s green armour dazzled while the Blaze Army’s dark red suit glowed. The moment the Wolf Smoke Regiment stepped in, everyone’s gaze was immediately attracted to the comparatively shabby-looking troops.

The Wolf Smoke Regiment consisted mostly of new soldiers. Their new armour had yet to arrive and most of them were wearing the suits left behind by the soldiers who had perished in the earlier battles. Those armour were obviously more worn and the style not as daunting as the Green and Blaze armies. The newly patched on insignia of the Wolf Smoke Regiment was quite formidable-looking, but… under the scrutinizing gaze of the other two armies – the Wolf Smoke Regiment could feel everyone staring daggers at them.

“Wolf Smoke Regiment? Who are they? Why have we never heard of them before?”

“This is an army? Ha… so few men, what good will they be here—as army cooks?”

A bunch of soldiers crowded along the two sides of the camp as they watched the Wolf Smoke Regiment with mocking expressions. They didn’t bother to hide their scrutiny – which was sharp and provoking.

“Ai! Ai! Are we seeing things? Who is that young girl at the front of that army?”

Someone had noticed that leading the Wolf Smoke Regiment was not a macho man but a fresh-faced teenage girl. In addition, a half-grown white deer was trotting alongside that girl. They looked utterly out of place at the army camp.

Apart from that teenage girl, there was an exceedingly handsome youth – but not quite a military type.

This atypical army had attracted the attention of many people in the camp.

Halfway to their destination, the Wolf Smoke Regiment encountered a man wearing a gray-colored armour, who hastily went over to Ji Fengyan and bowed politely. “Welcome General Ji, could you please come with me to the commanding tent. The other two Generals have already been waiting for some time.”

Ji Fengyan nodded. She passed on some instructions to Lu Shaoqing before following that person to the commanding tent. The rest of the Wolf Smoke Regiment followed their guide to their tents.

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