Chapter 587 - Special Treatment (1)

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Chapter 587: Special Treatment (1)

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Situ Ba discreetly exerted more strength through his grip, his sharp eyes fixed on Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan was still smiling casually and she appeared not to find anything wrong.

A moment later, both loosened their grip.

“General Ji must have been tired out by her journey. Head back earlier to rest,” said Zhan Fei.

Ji Fengyan gave a parting glance at the two before leaving the commanding tent.

Zhan Fei snorted after Ji Fengyan left. He turned to say something to Situ Ba but suddenly saw… a hand-shaped bruise imprinted upon the hand which Situ Ba used to shake Ji Fengyan’s.

Ji Fengyan left the tent and headed toward the Wolf Smoke Regiment’s camp after inquiring the patrolling soldiers.

Just as she was nearing the tents, a few new soldiers were walking in her direction. Seeing Ji Fengyan, their faces filled with joy.

“General, quickly come look.”

With some hesitation, Ji Fengyan followed those soldiers to the tents. However, Ji Fengyan frowned when she saw them.

The area occupied by the three armies was extremely spacious and the Wolf Smoke Regiment’s camp was situated toward the back. The tents there were brand new and looked completely different from the other plain and simple ones in the rest of the camp.

“General, look at our tents. Not bad, right? I have never seen such good quality tents.”

The bunch of rookies didn’t detect anything strange and just grinned at those tents. These tents could be considered the best in the entire military force of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Even the General-level tents of a normal army were not as good.

In the midst of the three-army camp, this batch of tents were extremely eye catching.

“General.” Linghe went up to Ji Fengyan the moment he saw her. He frowned and said in a low voice, “Someone led us here and said this area is for us, but… I find it all rather strange.”

Linghe was a veteran soldier with years of battle experience. He was very well-versed in the various rules in the military.

It was obvious that the treatment that the Wolf Smoke Regiment was receiving was beyond the usual practice.

Ji Fengyan nodded. She was also wary of the situation.

“Let everyone get some rest first. We will adopt a wait-and-see approach for now.”

It would be impossible to move over ten thousand men to a new location now. They had no choice but to stay here temporarily and see what other tricks Situ Ba and Zhan Fei had up their sleeves.

Linghe complied and urged everyone to have an early rest.

Ji Fengyan entered her own tent and saw that it was decked out luxuriously. The furniture were all exquisitely carved and there was even a white tiger fur rug on the floor.

It could even be mistaken as part of the lodgings of some rich family.

This felt completely bizarre to Ji Fengyan. The Green Nightmare Army and Zhan Fei would never have prepared such accommodations for her and the Wolf Smoke Regiment out of pure kindness. So what was all this about?

Ji Fengyan couldn’t figure it out for now and had no choice but to pass down the order for her men to stay alert. They had to ensure there would be no chance for anyone to stir trouble for them.

“What’s the matter?” Liu Huo asked after noticing Ji Fengyan’s occupied expression.

Ji Fengyan shook her head. “Nothing, I just feel… there are some people out there plotting something against us.”

Liu Huo looked dubious. Ji Fengyan chuckled as she didn’t want to cause him worry. She laughed as she dragged him over to bed.

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