Chapter 625 - Besieging The City 5

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625 Besieging The City 5

Song Yuan’s words dropped like a huge rock onto everyone’s chests, triggering an inner sense of remorse.

He was right. When Song Yuan just arrived at Ping City, it was full of scars left behind by the demons. People were susceptible to their attacks anytime and anywhere.

But Song Yuan had quickly cleared up all the chaos after his arrival. He had pulled up all the citizens from their dark and dangerous abyss. From that moment on, Song Yuan had turned into Ping City’s hero and savior.

No one suspected Song Yuan’s actions. They had just felt an endless gratitude toward him.


Little did they know they were just tools being used by Song Yuan.

The demons had never left. Death had also not vanished from Ping City. It was only because of the machinations of Song Yuan who covered up everything and misled everyone into thinking that the worse was behind them.

They never realized they had personally delivered their own loved ones into the pits of despair.

The citizens were struck breathless by Song Yuan’s words. If he was the instigator right from the start, then… how could they shrug off the sin of aiding and abetting his crimes?

A deathly silence fell across the gathering. Everyone had sank into a deep sea of hate and misery.

Song Yuan eyed everything before him, the corners of lips curving up in a faint smile.

“No need to brood over this. The dearly departed were just sacrificing themselves for the sake of peace for Ping City. You should be thanking them for their contributions.” Song Yuan twisted the savage killings into holy offerings.

Ji Fengyan felt disgusted by the entire scene.

“So… to curry favor with the demons and to keep up your facade, you were willing to send your own citizens to their deaths in such a wanton manner?” Ji Fengyan couldn’t help asking.

Song Yuan raised his brows at Ji Fengyan, unable to hide his detest of her.

The congregation focused their attention on Ji Fengyan.

She slowly walked towards Song Yuan. The crowd automatically parted to make way for her.

Ji Fengyan stood before Song Yuan and looked at this ex-hero. She found it all too amusing.

“There is no excuse for your deception. Why don’t you ask those whom you sent into the hands of the demons—were they willing to be sacrificed in this manner in exchange for ‘peace’?” Ji Fengyan lifted her eyes and stared keenly at Song Yuan.

“You made Ping City into a livestock farm for the demons. And you still want the citizens here to be grateful to you. I have met no one… as shameless as you.”

Livestock farm!

Ji Fengyan’s sharp words pierced the hearts of the group. She had reflected all those feelings that they could not put into words.

They were exactly like a bunch of sheep reared for slaughter. Having been blindfolded and misled into thinking they were leading peaceful lives. Little did they know that they could become fodder for the demons anytime.

Song Yuan’s expression shifted. Hatred flashed across his eyes as he glared at that overbearing Ji Fengyan.

If not for her, how could the truth about Ping City have surfaced?

It was all because of her!

“Ji Fengyan! If not for you, no one would have known about all this. They could have continued with their worry-free lives. You are the one… who shattered their dreams.” Song Yuan gritted his teeth.

Ji Fengyan snorted.

“Dream? This is more like a nightmare.”

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