Chapter 626 - Besieging The City 6

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626 Besieging The City 6

“Living in such a fake paradise, what dignity is there?” Ji Fengyan’s gaze hardened. She suddenly drew out her evil-vanquishing sword and pointed it at Song Yuan.

“In my capacity as the General of the Wolf Smoke Regiment, I hereby sentence you to death for colluding with the demons!”

Ji Fengyan’s harsh words made everyone shudder.

Song Yuan gazed at Ji Fengyan with no trace of fear.


Song Yuan started laughing uncontrollably.

“Hahaha… a sentencing? Just by you?”

Song Yuan stopped laughing and cast a venomous look at Ji Fengyan.

“General Ji, this is not your army camp, it is my city…”

As he spoke, Song Yuan gave a heavy thump of his walking stick!

Within seconds, a mind-boggling number of guards surged out from all sides.

“I want to see if you really can sentence me to death!” Song Yuan smirked maliciously. “General Ji, as a Terminator, aren’t you supposed to kill demons? Then… let me see if you can annihilate all the demons in my city today!”

Following Song Yuan’s pronouncement, the surrounding guards suddenly howled in unison as their bodies expanded and burst out of their armour. In an instant, those human forms had morphed into the shapes of vicious and twisted monsters—each of them baring their massive mouths at the crowd!

The citizens of Ping City widened their eyes in disbelief. Never could they have imagined that the guards protecting Ping City were actually demons in disguise!

Who would have thought that the well-respected guards were actually the tragedy-causing demons?

As the demons revealed their vicious faces one by one, the people truly understood now… all this while, they were just livestock being reared for food by the demons.

No wonder…

No wonder there were no traces of any demons in the city. Those demons had long been integrated and were hiding in plain sight. Being so well-loved in public, while secretly devouring the very citizens who had once respected them.

As Ping City was situated in a dangerous area, plus Song Yuan’s glorious military achievements, the Emperor had given him special permission to expand the city’s guard regiment. There were at least 8,000 guards in Ping City!

And these 8,000 guards had all been demons in disguise right from the start.

Within seconds, demons completely surrounded the angry citizens Ji Fengyan and company.

Ji Fengyan smirked as she surveyed those demons.

“You want to turn the tables around with just this puny bunch of demons?”

Song Yuan shook his head with disdain. “These demons might be enough to handle your usual soldiers. But how could I forget that you, General Ji, are a mighty Terminator? These demons are far from enough to defeat you. So…”

A malicious glint flashed across Song Yuan’s eyes.

“I have specially prepared a “great present” just for General Ji!” With that, Song Yuan snapped his fingers!

A figure walked out from the city lord’s residence and stood beside Song Yuan.

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