Chapter 627 - Besieging The City 7

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627 Besieging The City 7

A handsome man walked out of the city lord’s residence. He was tall and slender and bore an elegant countenance. Standing beside Song Yuan, he held a certain bearing—but his eyes were filled with a demonic and sinister amusement.

The man’s gaze drifted onto Ji Fengyan and he said politely, “I am Chang Pu. It is my good fortune and honor to meet the legendary General Ji.”

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes at Chang Pu. She couldn’t detect the slightest bit of demon aura from him. It was the same as when she had interacted with those guards—they also did not emit any demon energy.

These demons must have something special on their bodies that covered their aura.

Chang Pu straightened and smiled at Ji Fengyan. “General Ji’s brilliant performance at the capital institute battle extremely impressed me. And that battle in the Moonset Valley—our entire battalion was annihilated. I guess General Ji also had a hand in that. I didn’t expect you to be so young and yet so powerful. You are truly…”

Chang Pu narrowed his eyes as a chilly glint lit up his pupils.

“A certified fatal malady to my kind.”

Within six months, the name Ji Fengyan had turned from just another Terminator successor to a nightmare figure to the demons.

A murderous aura seeped into Chang Pu’s eyes as he looked at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan could already repeatedly thwart the demons’ plans at her young age. Even scarier was the fact that she had yet to even don her World-Termination-Armour. A grown-up Ji Fengyan was something the demons certainly did not wish to see.

Since Chang Pu knew of Ji Fengyan’s arrival at Ping City, he had no intention of letting her leave alive.

Ji Fengyan grinned at the sanctimonious-looking Chang Pu.

“What a coincidence.”

Ji Fengyan looked up. “I hold the same thinking as you. But… I am afraid you cannot get rid of this fatal malady.”

Ji Fengyan’s confidence astounded Chang Pu. He had met a good number of outstanding humans, including the Song Yuan who used to be full of mettle in his prime. But… he had never seen such pure confidence in the eyes of any human.

“It seems like General Ji truly detests us demons. We will not disappoint General Ji and will definitely reciprocate your ‘good esteem’ of us.”

At that moment, the earth beneath Ping City started shaking violently. As everyone gaped in shock, a massive chasm appeared on the street. Giant figures slowly emerged from the crack—as big as small mountains, the huge forms filled up the entire area.

“Here are 300 high-level demons. They signify our ‘sincerity’ toward General Ji.” Chang Pu smiled as he gazed up upon the gargantuan demons.

His words caused everyone in Ping City to sink into a major pit of despair!

300 high-level demons?

This power was only mobilized during a major war!

No one suspected that so many high-level demons were hidden beneath Ping City!

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