Chapter 628 - Besieging The City 8

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628 Besieging The City 8

Even Lu Shaoqing’s face had turned deathly pale, not to mention the citizens of Ping City!

How to even comprehend the notion of 300 high-level demons?

Ji Fengyan had only brought along a hundred soldiers—but even if she had brought all 10,000 men from the Wolf Smoke Regiment—they would still be far from enough for these 300 high-level demons!

That earlier battle at Moonset Valley had only a dozen over high-level demons, but now… there were actually 300 of them gathered at Ping City. If these high-level demons attacked at the same time, the entire city would be flattened in the blink of an eye!

Ji Fengyan also never imagined that Ping City could have harbored so many high-level demons. Although they didn’t seem like they were at the elite level of that ice frozen beast, every single one of them looked like exceptionally savage killing machines.

It should be pointed out that Ji Fengyan could kill that level-nine ice frozen beast only because the demon god had released her power which allowed her inner core to return to near-peak condition. Further… the ice frozen beast had been far away from its natural cold habitat and couldn’t exhibit its full powers. Hence, it had only performed as a level-seven demon then.

These 300 high-level demons had already surpassed the combat power of the demon attack on the capital institute!

Ji Fengyan’s inner core had already gone back to its broken state. It was a total nightmare for her to face so many high-level demons.

“The demons really think very highly of me…” Ji Fengyan surveyed the mass of high-level demons with a frosty look.

Chang Pu laughed mildly. “But of course. General Ji holds such tremendous potential, how could we not handle her with care? If we let you rise in the future, it would mean the end for our kind? So… could General Ji please die here and now.”

Song Yuan felt a surge of mad relief looking at Chang Pu’s confident expression. He never expected Chang Pu to mobilize such an immense force. He finally understood why Chang Pu had repeatedly provoked Ji Fengyan.

It was obvious that Ji Fengyan’s outstanding performance had long attracted the attention of the demons.

The demons had planned to kill Ji Fengyan before she could fully grow into her powers!

“Haha… General Ji, you should be honored. The demons had only activated 500 high-level demons when they faced the very first Terminator. And you managed to achieve this level of recognition at such a young age—truly astonishing. Your death today will probably enter the annals of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s history. You’ll be leaving behind a glorious legacy?” Backed by the demons’ power, Song Yuan looked smugly at Ji Fengyan. He continued.

“Oh, my mistake. No one will know of what happened today. After General Ji’s death, I will immediately report to His Majesty that you were ambushed by demons and perished while trying to defend Ping City… haha… General Ji, you are certainly Ping City’s ‘great benefactor’.”

Song Yuan’s maniacal laugh pierced the ears of the Ping City citizens. They were filled with remorse at their earlier ignorance. If they had not risen against Ji Fengyan, she would not have been dragged into this mess.

“General Ji, please pardon our foolishness.”

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