Chapter 629 - Besieging The City 9

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629 Besieging The City 9

“General Ji, it’s our fault you’re in this mess now…”

Apologies poured from the mouths of those perturbed citizens.

Ji Fengyan would not have been ambushed by the demons if she had not stayed on at Ping City to ensure their safety.

They felt as much as guilt toward Ji Fengyan as they did hatred toward Song Yuan.

“Song Yuan, stop dreaming. We will not let you succeed in your nefarious schemes. We will report to His Majesty and reveal your true ugly mug!” The citizens glared furious at Song Yuan.

Song Yuan snorted and looked nonchalantly at the struggling Ping City citizens.

“Reveal me? Huh… such a pity. Ji Fengyan dies a horrible while trying to defend Ping City from the demons, while the citizens themselves were also completely massacred. How heartbroken His Majesty would be to hear of this.”

The crowd got a shock. Song Yuan planned to eliminate everyone!

“You are so vicious! Colluding with the demons even though you are human. Have you no conscience!!” The people of Ping City still found it hard to believe that their beloved city lord had turned out to be such a callous and treacherous bastard.

The smile on Song Yuan’s face froze. He stared imperiously at the crowd. “Conscience?” He glanced at Chang Pu. “I have long thrown mine away.”

Chang Pu nodded satisfactorily at Song Yuan’s ruthlessness.

“This is revolting,” said Ji Fengyan coldly as she gazed upon the smug-faced duo.

“General Ji, you will very soon die at the hands of those so-called revolting demons.” Song Yuan sneered before looking at Chang Pu. Chang Pu nodded and waved his hand. The high-level demons suddenly started moving.

The earth vibrated violently and each wave shook everyone straight to the core—bringing with it panic and despair!

Lu Shaoqing’s face was extremely grave. He had never seen demons launching such a large-scale attack for the purpose of targeting a particular Terminator. Such a situation was only heard of in legends regarding the first Terminator.

But now… Ji Fengyan had just enlisted and the demons were already so fretful.

“General, I will fight to carve out an escape route for you. Only with your escape will we get the chance to call for reinforcements.” Lu Shaoqing suppressed his rising despair and put on a calm front.

They could die, but not Ji Fengyan!

Lu Shaoqing had witnessed Ji Fengyan’s powers. That potential, which even the demons were taking seriously, represented the shining hope of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Ji Fengyan cannot die here!

Lu Shaoqing’s words reflected the thoughts of all the soldiers of the Wolf Smoke Regiment. They did not hold any reservations and united behind Ji Fengyan at that instant.

“General, our lives are not valuable. You cannot die in the hands of this traitor and the demons. We are depending on you to avenge us in the future.” One of the new soldiers forced a smile. His hand had already turned white from clutching his sword so tightly.

The surrounding citizens also snapped out of their trance. The sight of death approaching had triggered their resolve.

At this final moment, this bunch of cowardly and foolish citizens suddenly took the initiative to surround the hundred Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers. They were using their bodies as a human shield.

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